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Thread: The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread

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    The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread

    Hey guys! Now that Chelsea have wrapped up the title with a stunning home win, its time to bring the shutters down on the EPL and head over the South Africa for some mouthwatering action! This edition of the World Cup sees Spain and Brazil heading in as strong favourites, Spain after winning Euro 2008 in style and Brazil, after their revival under Dunga. There are dark horses of course, never count out the likes of Germany, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Argentina. Who do YOU think will walk away with the famed Jules Rimet trophy this June? Have YOUR say here!

    For me, i've always been a fan of Spain, and you can argue that they've got the best midfield in the world, with Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso and Silva expected to run the show. And the strikeforce, made up of David Villa and Fernando Torres, will also definitely expect to be considered as THE world's most deadly. Perhaps the only weak link could be at the left-back berth, where there is a conspicuous lack of a big-name player. I'm banking on Spain to win, a Spain-Brazil final, and an England-Germany 3rd/4th placing match.

    Players to watch:

    1. Raul Albiol. This is his first WC, it'll be interesting to see whether the experience galvanises or crushes him.
    2. Bastian Schweinsteiger. Ever since his move to the centre of midfield at Bayern Munich, he's been a revelation. Sure, he doesn't score as many goals but his distribution and ability on the ball have been maximised. Remains to be seen if he can forge a good partnership with any one of the other German CMs (Ballack, Frings, Hitzlsperger, maybe even Trochowski)
    3. Joe Hart. The young goalkeeper has been a revelation with Birmingham in the EPL this season, let's see whether the WC can be his stepping stone to bigger things.
    4. Eljero Elia. El-what? This guy's been tearing up defences in the Dutch league this season. Pace, power, great ball skills and basics, this guy could be the next big thing (or the next Ryan Babel, they're both Dutch. Funny innit?)

    So that's all from me, i'll let YOU GUYS take over from here. Hope we can all have fruitful discussions. WITHOUT ANY FLAMING. Cheers!
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    WAHHHHHH ... "official" ah this thread?

    as in sanctioned by fifa / james? :-)

    hahahaa .... good on you TS . keep the WC fire burning bro .....

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    For every WC editions, I do not support a particular team. I've always supported the underdogs..and with that being said, I'd like to see USA get a victory over England :P

    It's going to be interesting to see North Korea's progress in this WC, remember the 1966 edition, where they defeated Italy to go to the knockout stages?

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    June better come sooner... =)

    For WC2010, I believe will be the year for the African teams to shine. European teams technically don't do so well when the tournament is played outside of Europe. However do expect the usual big boys of the World Cup, Brazil and Germany, to be one of the teams in the semis. Spain looks good on form and paper though I have a sneaky feeling that Argentina will knick it this year, with Maradona to be the second ever person to lift the cup as a captain and coach.

    I will still however support the Azurris... Forza Italia!!
    Solos makes me smile....

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    germany rulz!

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    Spain, Argentina or Germany. Team to keep an eye on : Slovakia.
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    Oooooh yes Slovakia: MARTIN SKRTEL!

    I just don't see Argentina going through, its not that they don't have the players, i think Maradona's just not the coach that they need. To me, he's another one of those player-turned-coaches who've not done so well.

    Italy? Well i don't know. They're waaaaaay too unpredictable.

    Haha faizal your mention of North Korea reminded me of a crazy thing my friend did. He put 5 bucks on them going thru to knockout stages, odds 348:1 and another 5 on them winning the WC, odds 500:1. If they somehow managed it, he's one bloody rich guy. Altho i think he's probably wasted 10 bucks lol.
    Likes: Guitar, Soccer, LIVERPOOL, Tennis
    Dislikes: Flamers, Lowballers, People who ask stupid questions (Sometimes i'm guilty of this too, please forgive me)

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    France here... I realize France have a really small following here.
    My underdog team? Ivory Coast. Fiery players.

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    I really think Netherlands might be a force to be reckoned with but the Danes have my backing too .
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    So it looks like Terry may be out of the World Cup. Possible metatarsal fracture in training.

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