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Thread: Scoliosis - Anyone ever seek treatment or has kids .....

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    Yup Cheeez.
    Its SpineCor. Just didnt want to mention the name lest someone thinks I'm promoting it
    A visit to their webpage is a real eye-opener (statistics, case studies ... etc)

    We've got a visit already scheduled to KKH. So it'll be good to hear what they say & of course how much it'd set us back too

    Has anyone any experience with SpineCor btw?

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    Whoa i'm overwhelmed by the influx of information.
    Hahah, i thought all doctors were friends with each other so they could consult each other...

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    Yes we are. And yes we do. giving info in forums in one thing. Consultation in forums in another. Your case will need to review the scans and also examine before one can give further advise.

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    I see. Sounds very professional. PSLE grad sigining off..

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    Sorry, don't mind me. Hope you understand that it is sometimes "dangerous" to say too much online...wrong advise is common esp if info is not complete. Cover already blown, so not too good for me... Safer to just talk about music!

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    Well, I must say that we're very, very pleased with KKH.
    Thank you KKH Clinic P if youre reading this

    Everything & all that SGH was lacking, KKH dished-out beyond expections.
    Our concerns and queries were thoroughly addressed as well.

    We've decided on SpineCor.
    Its not cheap ($2K up) as compared to the Boston brace ($400 ++) and are awaiting for an appointment date for 'fitting'.
    Hmmm... time to sell me gear?

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    All the best! I was attached to both SGH and NUH for Orthopaedics recently, care to message me which doctor you were referring to? The doctors that I were attached to never had such a problem. Though I did have some attitudes with this kind of problem.

    When is the operation? Did they send your girl for physiotherapy before the operation? All the best for your girl. =)

    By music, for music, with music. =)

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    theres no need for ops.
    we're going for 'fitting' today in fact.

    ummmm.... and i dont think i should name the SGH/NUH doc anyway.
    Name & shame is not my game (yet)

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    Congrats on finding a good solution...

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    Idiopathic Scoliosis: Non-Surgical Management Talk

    19 June 2010 (Sat)
    73 Tras St #02-01 079012

    Call 6226 3632 ext 3
    to reserve a seat
    $5 per pax

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