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Thread: Scoliosis - Anyone ever seek treatment or has kids .....

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    Scoliosis - Anyone ever seek treatment or has kids .....

    .. with this condition?

    Which hospital did you go to? The NUH specialist @ SGH really needs an attitude adjustment.
    I'm thinking of transferring to KKH.

    And the braces, really necessary?

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    KKH has paediatric orthopaedic surgeons. However, they are visiting surgeons from SGH. Their clinic doesn't run everyday. How old is your child?

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    Shes 15 going on 16 (voice has not broken yet)
    Cos we got poor service from the NUH specialist, we dont think he deserves more of our time or money.

    Information was never forthcoming with the NUH doc (keeps it like a state secret)
    In and out in less than 10 mins. When we entered the room, we were invisible to him.
    No eye contact, no smile, not answering greeting, only speak when spoken to,

    did some h/work and KKH has an alternative to bracing. He didnt tell us abt this.
    so we want a second opinion too and OPTIONs.

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    Idk whether braces are absolutely neccesary, it is depending on the angle of the curve. I'm sixteen this year, i got 3 degrees left. So the visiting docs that come to school every year, they just said take care of your posture, be conscientious about it, don't slouch, sit upright, and it'll stabilize or shift back, cause for us, the spine haven't finish growing, so it's easier to bend out of place. That's what i heard, at least. Oh, by the way, my friend has about 5-7 degrees, they recommended him for checkup but brace wasn't neccesary yet.

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    We can observe, use braces, or operate. Use of brace depends on the angle and the progression, among other things. Depending in these factors, one can opt to just watch and wait or intervene. Braces has been shown in a number of large studies to be extremely effective. Because of the effectiveness, some recommends immediate bracing with a curve of 20-25 degrees without waiting for evidence of any curve progression. And it's also been shown that full-time bracing is more effective than part-time bracing - although the latter is also somewhat effective.

    There are also study on electrical stimulation, although I believe a large study found it to be less effective than observation and bracing. I'm not sure with KKH has as an alternative.

    You probably got an MO in NUH who has a bad day.

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    Hi sir, do you work in the industry? Cause i was quite worried about my problem of 3 degrees, so i asked the nurse and she said 10 degrees is already somewhat bad already, definitely must wear braces...
    Full time bracing is the most effective. The doctors recommend operations for students only if bracing if of very little help or if the person is in extreme pain, not sure about adults.

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    About the people there, I don't quite know much. I only know that my sister had her stuff done at SGH then.

    But regarding the braces, I suppose it's only necessary if the curvature and angle is bad. BUT, if the people there tell you to make those braces, make sure that she wears it. MAKE SURE. Yeah, no matter how uncomfortable and troublesome it may be, ensure she wears it.

    Cause I actually felt my sister's pain when I saw her went to surgery some 3 years ago. Now she has a metal 30cm plate with 16 screws attached to her backbone permanently and a pretty gruesome scar down her back. So, yeah.

    Well, best of luck bro.
    Mind over matter. Always.

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    Hi jeeybean, I'm in the "industry", but I'm not an orthopaedic surgeon. It's still better to consult an ortho surgeon.

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    Tks for the kind thoughts sharker...
    And sorry to hear about your sis.

    She has 24 degree curvature to the right. At this point, braces are necessary to prevent it form curving any further. Not to correct it. Anything above 40 degrees warrants surgery. As I understand it, once the patient reaches puberty, the growth will slow down and things will have some form of normalcy.

    But the thought of her doning this rigid TLSO/Boston brace 22++ hrs a day is saddening. So we did our homework.
    Although it works, studies have shown that the growth of ribcage could be affected by the brace. Not to mention muscular atrophy. Moreover, adolescence period is when children feel most insecure and want acceptance by their peers. So psychologically (which is very imptnt to us) it will also have an effect. Because there are just some things you cant do (with your friends especially), fashionable clothes you cannot wear, sports... and the list goes on.

    There is an option we are looking into which is available at KKH. Something new which allows the wearer free movement, its not rigid and nobody can tell when you have it on. We dont know how much it'll costs but being new, i'm certain it is 2 arms and a leg (and maybe an additional toe or two). BTW, a TLSO brace cost just an arm. Its uses straps and you'll look like a sky-diver when you have it on. We've read the case studies and are surpised that this option was not mentioned at SGH. Most quarters there have no good things to say abt this new brace tho. Its not proven-lah, wont work-lah, the TLSO brace is proven & most recommended -lah...etc.

    But they dont offer it, so what do they know. Right?

    Hearing ALL options before making any decisions would be the best all-round solution for both the physical & psychological well-being, so we've decided.
    And no point in getting something which our child dont want to wear because she 'malu' and we have to force it on her. Even when she knows its really necessary... *Sigh*
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    There are a lot of questions surrounding the consistency of the tension in TLSO (esp when the wearer is lying down). The newer brace you are mentioning may be the SpineCor Brace (or St Justine Brace - named after the hospital in Canada where it is developed). It's not as rigid as the traditional braces (ie TSLO, Milwaukee etc). I think it's based on elastic straps anchored on a pelvic corset. It's based on a dynamic elastic system instead of being rigid. And needless to say, it increases compliance and has less psychological impact than the rigid braces. Early studies seem to suggest that it's as effective as the traditional braces.

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