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Thread: Problem with sound after recording

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    Problem with sound after recording


    I hope someone can diagnose a sound problem I am having.


    I have been using Cool Edit 2.0 to record myself playing guitar for many years and has never encountered any problems. Recently I bought a new computer and installed Cool Edit 2.0 on it and realized that after I recorded a piece, when I play it back, there is a 'alien-like' sound in the background. Even when I record and not plugged in the guitar. It is like a sound you hear when you are tuning an old radio manually to find the right frequency. I assure you that there are no aliens in my room so that eliminates the alien theory.

    So begin my journey to identify that noise:-

    I changed cable - No changes
    I changed guitar - No changes
    I changed recording from line-in to mic - No changes
    I changed speakers - No changes
    I sprayed insectide to remove any hidden aliens - No changes

    Upon this, I safely assume that it not a physical problem. I dusted out my old computer and boot it back on. I tried recording on it and there was no problem. This confirms that the problem is with my new computer and it is an internal thing.

    Now, I did the simple thing of re-installing my sound driver and also upgrade its version. My windows OS is XP. My soundcard is an onboard one with the motherboard (Asus P5Q SE Plus). The driver is VIA HD Deck version 7.200 installed from motherboard CD. I upgraded it to version 7.600 from the internet.

    This is where it gets interesting. Both versions cause the same problem. When I revert back to an earlier version, 6.?00 (I can't remember) from Windows recommended list, the 'alien-like' sound is gone. However, now theres a soft static noise. Hmmm...

    I have since given up trying to fix it as I have done all I can. Now several questions in my head is:

    Driver is the cause? If so, can I change driver? My old computer is using SoundMax driver. Can I install SoundMax driver with this motherboard?

    Soundcard is the cause? If so, should I get a new soundcard that is not onboard?

    Alien is the cause? If so, why me?

    I hope there is someone to help me or give me their opinion on this. It may actually be a simple solution that is in front of me all this while but I just couldn't see it. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    try this,

    install it and within cool edit, if theres setting to change the audio driver, change it to asio/asio4all.

    Within the asio4all gui, adjust the latency, input latency/output latency and try recording/playback again
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    alright firstly :
    PatheinRaindropMoe : cool edit does not use ASIO. I know surprisingly eh. but the magic of it is you can use multiple soundcards + audio interface combined with latency. assign different soundcard to each track. but that's old 2002 news for me.

    d8d : thanks for your detailed information and effort in what you're using and what you troubleshooted.
    1) does VIA HD Deck have a control panel ? because Realtek has one that sometimes users tend to accidentally enable "reverb" 3D that may generate that alien sound. explore around there.

    2) try start > run > sndvol32.exe under INPUT , make sure there's no "doubling" if I make any sense. set it to mic input if you're using mic or line input if you're using line. disable the rest.

    "Driver is the cause? If so, can I change driver? My old computer is using SoundMax driver. Can I install SoundMax driver with this motherboard?" driver seems to be the cause, and no you can't install soundmax with this one unfortunately.

    and yes do consider saving for a proper audio interface for recording, in the mean time branch onto a DAW that supports ASIO as that's crucial for recording in 2010.

    as for the aliens, as long as they haven't done any anal probe, they should be non penetrative problems.

    keep us updated!
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    as for the aliens, as long as they haven't done any anal probe, they should be non penetrative problems.

    this one, win!!

    My bad, didnt know cooledit didnt support asio
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    Wow PatheinRaindropMoe and blueprintstudios you guys are fast! Thank you so much for the input both of you. And yes I can confirm there has not been any probing..I think..yet

    Ok so moving on, I have tried installing the ASIO but fail because my system doesn't support it.

    Yes the VIA HD Deck has its own 'deck' and I have explored every corner of it only to find nothing fishy. As for the Windows Recording Mixer, I only set to line-in and disable the rest. Something else I tried is set input to Front Mic. I have two inputs for mic, one at the rear and one at front. That last sentence is totally asking for it...please have mercy. Anyway, I plugged in to Front Mic and record. The noise is not as obvious, more mild. Hence conclusion:

    - the connection at rear is poor? ok only one conclusion.

    As for now I have pretty much narrow down the problem to either the soundcard or sound driver. So if I am to buy a new soundcard (which will have its own drivers), the noise will be a thing of the past right? Right?

    Any recommendations for soundcards? Any compatibility issue with motherboard or do they all come in standard form? I don't need a powerful one..just a decent one will do.

    Thank you once again.

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    alright i'm a little outdated with computer hardware for those with actually having 2 connections for MIC. well whichever input is better, go for it, cos either way you're not going to get crystal clear recordings using the onboard soundcard. man drives cars for transport and you got a donkey and a buffalo to choose from now. but do take note when you're in sndvol32.exe, after you choose input soundcard, there's additional configurations under [Options]>[Advanced] again and check for each of your mic input , usually mic has a "mic boost" ticked and it's quite undesirable cos noise increases as well, but you're going to need that boost cos your mic doesn't have a preamp.

    card or driver or not, onboard soundcards is what I would call "consumer playback" purposes. it's like DJing is "professional playback" , and composition/recording is the one that creates the music in audio production level.
    so if you were going to buy another soundcard like some creative soundcard thingy, and it would be very inefficient to RECORD with a "playback" soundcard. if that makes any sense. recording audio interfaces are somewhat "external (USB/Firewire) soundcards specially made for recording". so yes, if you're still going to do recording I highly recommend you set aside a budget for an audio interface like Line6 Toneports / Zoom H2,H4n etc. or at least simply a USB mic. pls do read for more understanding.

    hope this helps!
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    Hey Ron, helps a lot man. Better than that, I now realized how crappy my recordings have been for last 7 years! I never have or knew anyone with any experience in this which is why I am stuck like this for 7 years!

    Then along came Ron (cue music for inspiring entrance). Ok I understand now that onboard soundcards or another soundcard is inefficient for recording. I have always thought that an audio interface is a luxury item. Not any more! So after reading your article (very well written by the way), I derived my own personal formula. I only use guitars and keyboard for recording. No vocal or drums. So I think my formula should look like this:

    Instrument > soundcard > USB/Firewire/PCI > PC > DAW

    Guitar > POD Studio GX > USB > PC > Cool Edit 2.0

    I hope so far I am on the right track. If not, ah crap!!

    Assuming I got this right, all I need to get is the audio interface (POD Studio GX is just an example). The onboard soundcard I currently use is redundant for recording right? Only use it for playback.

    On the basis of:
    - recording only guitar and keyboard
    - I am more than satisfied with something cheap and can do a decent job (no need latest in market)
    - I figure that USB is more than adequate (as I don't have the firewire connector on my PC)
    - my PC configuration (Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.66 GHz, 3.25GB Ram, Os = Xp)
    - budget of about $150

    What audio interface would you recommend me? It really is as simple as plug and play through USB?

    Alright I guess after this, I am done and ready for my next journey. I sure appreciate every advice you have given me. Thank you (cue music for motivational exit).

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    d8d : that recording FAQ was last updated 3 years before you signed for soft haha. but it's somewhat a "layman formula/template" for newbies starting out.and glad it's helping you out great.

    so yes to implement into your setup :

    Guitar > Pedal > Pod Studio GX (Preamp/Audio Interface) > USB > cool edit.
    and for guitar recordings there's a choice between mike up or direct input via cabinet simulation. which podstudio GX has.

    and yes once you get a podstudio gx, you will be able to play mp3s or whatever through the gx. cos it's an "external soundcard" audio interface

    looking at it is within your budget of $150 and should achieve your purpose, your computerspecs is good enough too, just make sure you maintain it heheh.defragment etc

    gd luck!
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    I am ready and set to go! Thank you Ron! You the man!

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    you're welcome, oh yeah before I forget, if you go for the podstudio gx, you don't have XLR inputs for dynamic mics NOR XLR input with phantompower support for condenser. pure 1/4inch jack input recording
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