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Thread: Looking for singers

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    Looking for singers

    ellive Productions is looking for professional singers ( Male and female) for our bands/ gigs. We are hiring singers who are willing to work oversea. If you're a bass player and looking for a career abroad, start here.


    In a nutshell, we take care of everything!

    * Salary

    All of our artists are paid a very competitive salary, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis

    * Travel
    We pay for your airline tickets to the gig and return home

    * Accommodations

    We pay for your room either in the 5-star hotel where you will be performing or a nearby luxury serviced apartment

    * Food

    We pay for your food. Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all are prepared by some of the best hotel Chefs in the world

    * Laundry

    We pay for your laundry, dry-cleaning and pressing

    * Luggage

    We pay for your luggage to the gig and return home

    * Visa and work documents

    We pay for your Visa and necessary work documents

    * Gig start date and duration

    Each contract is between 8 to 12 months

    * Performances

    All contracts are comprised of 6 working nights plus 1 day off. The day off is to be determined since not all hotels offer the same day off (e.g. some are on Sundays, some on Mondays)

    * Nightly Sets

    Each working night is comprised of 4 to 5, 45-minute sets. The number of sets may be subject to change depending on varying hotel policies. However, 90% of the time, you will be required to perform 4 sets per working night

    * Rehearsals

    Typically, there are 3 to 4 rehearsals weekly.

    * Style of music

    The styles of music will vary very much as you are required to perform hits from various artists such as: Usher, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sade, Rihanna, Eric Clapton, Barry White, Santana, and everything in between

    * Size of bands
    We create, develop, manage and book 6 and 7-piece bands

    * Health coverage

    Minor / typical injuries / illnesses are covered by the hotels' in-house medical clinics (specs available upon request). However, major injuries/illnesses and in-patient treatments outside the hotel are at the artists' expense.

    * All the nags of daily life cease to exist on this gig. Once hired, all you need to do is to show up, hit the stage and do your thing! Simply follow the clearly detailed, fail-proof guidelines that we will provide you with to ensure an evening of success through sheer excitement and music, music, music!

    * Travel to some of the most exotic and beautiful cities in the world. "That place on the postcard" can now become your new playground gig after gig after gig!

    * The gigs are signed and confirmed, so no worries, it's a done deal

    * We need musicians who love people, who love to perform and who can focus on the job nightly. Musicians who are consistent and TRUE team players. Seasoned musicians who genuinely enjoy being around other musicians (daily rehearsals/nightly performances) and who can tolerate differences that may manifest themselves in various aspects of life "on and off stage" while on the road.

    Send your application-
    Looking for Musicians at el-live productions

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    My voice may transport the audience from the depths of Soul to the Pop of the current hits of today.
    I am versatile, experienced with a minimum of 2 years live, on-stage experience, My passionate about live performance keen me join this band. Shall I join this Band.

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    Hurry!!! Guyz I have been selected for the second round as vocalist

    Albert surely u can apply and can tell ur friends about this if u want to ... el-live production cant reply all the mails due to heavy scrutiny process is going on ... i have received the mail 2 days back only for my second round

    All the best
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    vitun, may I know which country are you from? Do you know where is talent company based?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soft View Post
    vitun, may I know which country are you from? Do you know where is talent company based?
    Hello Admin

    I am from brazil and from last one month i am in india on vacation. The Talent company is from Hongkong.

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    @ Vitun, Congratulations.

    To every one.

    We are still looking for female and male singers. interested people can apply via our website.
    Looking for Musicians at el-live productions

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    Hey Thanks mike

    Hurray!! been through.. desperately waiting for this moment .. Hardwork pays

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    Hey there!
    I am interested....

    Do check out my Youtube link :

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    Hi Pollypocket07
    Thanks for your interest, kindly apply to us via our website. you can also watch our youtube video channel to get an idea about how we case about our artists.

    All the best.
    el-live productions team

    Quote Originally Posted by pollypocket07 View Post
    Hey there!
    I am interested....

    Do check out my Youtube link :
    Looking for Musicians at el-live productions

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    Hey u are really cute ;-P
    ~our future life, would be glorious~
    ~come with me, future world~

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