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Thread: Wad cymbals do u guys have...

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    Alvyn: Heh, I settled for the A Custom Ping Ride.

    Thus my setup is:

    1. 8" A Custom Splash
    2. 14" Avedis New Beat HiHats
    3. 16" K Custom Session Crash
    4. 16" A Custom Fast Crash
    5. 18" Avedis China Boy Low
    6. 20" A Custom Ping Ride

    Really love the K Custom and the China Boy!

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    doublestrokesg, that's a VERY lovely setup. A Zildjian guy eh? :lol:

    Anyway, here's mine

    The all important timekeepers...
    14" AAX Stage Hats (I LOVE THESE HATS!)
    20" Avedis Earth Ride

    And the others..
    16" AAX Studio Crash
    17" A Custom Crash (sex in a cymbal)
    10" HH Splash
    18" A Custom Swish

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    Wired: Hey, thanks man! You have a really slick setup as well! Can't agree more abt the A Customs, and you have a nice blend of Zildjians & Sabians. I guess I'm more familiar with the sounds of Zildjian? Been trying out Bosphorus, Sabian, and even Wuhan! Haha, but not enough stands for more cymbals, and most imptly, no $$$. :lol: If I could get another one, I would definitely want a K. Constantinople, but tt'll prob come when my playing matures too... Otherwise it'll be a great injustice to the cymbal itself. What kind of music do you normally play?

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    My set up sucks.

    !6" and 18" sabian evolution crashes
    7" evolution splash
    14" sabian HH mini-chinese (i don't really like it)
    20" unknown avedis ride (i got it off someone for cheap, sounds terrible but i use it with lots of rubber pads for silent practicing)
    some REALLY old unknown pair of hats.
    1 pair of max stax (small)

    I need to upgrade. Seriously.

    I'm aiming for a full evolution set up by the end of this year.

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    wah biang

    I dont know how old you guys are or what kind of jobs u guys are holding, but man thats some serious cash man.

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    doublestrokesg: A K Constantinople eh? Haha, I would kill for one. Anyway, I'm currently not playing in a committed band lineup, but more of random jam sessions with friends. But anyway, I usually play progressive and experimental stuff, and one thing I must mention is that, the A customs and AAX are indeed REALLY versatile cymbals. :lol:

    Oh yes, and Wuhans eh? Any idea where to get them around here?

    Funkifized: I'm digging the set up there. But yeah, do something about your hats and ride, fast.

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    Wired: Heh, we share the same gd taste! 8) Yea, in the process of saving up for the Constantinoples... hopefully my trip to the US next year will coincide with their major music equipment sale. Then maybe the Constan. will be lower priced. I always think we're being overly ripped off in SG.

    Btw, one of my bandmates just received a 14" Wuhan China frm a fren of ours in the US as a gift, but he intends to sell it cos he doesn't play drums anymore. PM me if you're interested!

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    A customs mannnnn, love them, the 17inch fast crash is really nice. so sensitive and such a smooth sound. i mean man play them sound and their so responive without any lost of tone. awesome i love them

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    Drooling thread eh! sweet....

    I have currently...

    20" K Custom Ride
    19" A Custom Crash
    18" K Constantinople Crash
    16" K Constantinople Crash
    16" A Custom Crash
    16" A Zildjian & Cie Crash
    16" Oriental China Trash
    15" K Custom Dark Crash
    14" ZXT Trashformer
    13" Trojan Hihat Top (Used as a splash/crash)
    13" K Mastersound Hihats
    12" Wuhan China
    10" Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash
    10" Trojan Brilliant Splash
    8" Trojan Traditional Splash
    8" Zyn Splash (many of these babies!!! used for mini hats etc...)

    hope i didn't miss any of my babies out!!!

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    You, my friend, are one rich mofo. Congratulations on owning such wonderful babies!

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