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Thread: Wad cymbals do u guys have...

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    Been cutting down to:

    10" HHX Evolution Splash
    12" HHX Evolution Splash

    14" K/Z Dyno Beat Hi-hats
    16" K Light Hi-hats
    19" HHXtreme Crash
    20" HHX Evolution Ride
    21" AAX Memphis Ride
    22" Vault Artisan Medium Ride
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    Yeah..cymbals forum
    im using n into Meinl..

    - Meinl classic 14' medium hihat
    - Meinl classic 14' medium crash
    - Meinl classic 16' medium crash
    - Meinl classic 12' splash
    - Meinl classic 8' powerfull bell
    - Meinl generation X 14' filter china
    - Meinl generation X 12' filter china w/jingle
    - Meinl Byzance traditional 14' china
    - Meinl HCS 8' splash
    - Meinl HCS 16' crash
    - Meinl headliner FX9 20' ride

    its nice n kool to play all rounder..yeah!

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    My cymbals all are pretty bad compared to all the ones that have been shown here.

    14" Sabian Xs20 Medium Hats
    12" Zildjian (unknown series) Splash
    16" Sabian Xs20 Medium Thin Crash
    20" Paiste 201 Ride
    20" Sabian Xs20 Medium Ride
    16" Paiste 201 Crash
    18" Sabian Xs20 Crash

    Although this set is quite messy, the sounds do compliment one another. For extra cymbals that me and another drummer keep, they're pretty bad ones (thats why we don't use them).

    Sabian Solar set (really really horrid once you've heard/touched/felt bronze cymbals)
    14" Paiste 201 Hi Hats
    20" Paiste Alpha Ride

    i am aiming for a A custom 21" sweet ride and a Sabian AAXplosion 19" crash.

    Any comments on what i should get next?

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    My new ride....

    22" Turkish Dark Hammer Ride

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    Woahhh interesting finishing! Looks like Tiger Prints! lol
    How does it sound?

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    it's sounds really dark and warm with low overtones....and the cool thing is that its made thin, so you dont get the overly throaty ticks like some other darker sounding rides...
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    Just want to share my pies.

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    Not often we see someone with a huge collection of Meinl cymbals here, very nice!
    You got them from Ranking?

    Would you give a review of the MB20s as well? The Byzances look great.
    To alvinthedrummer: I'm guessing your ride must be smoky and click-ish sounding with those many hammer marks. How is it working for you currently in your gigs? I'm not really a fan of the tiger prints, to be honest.
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    how gd is the sabian b8 pro china-splash? how does it sound? more to china or splash? me not drummer.

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