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Thread: Tribute to a Great Pinoy Bass player

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    Tribute to a Great Pinoy Bass player

    Used to be the Philippines top electric bass player (sadly he died early last year from cancer). He was my inspiration back in the early eighties and made me played the bass. Progressive rock, fusion jazz roots.

    At that time 1981-82 he was playing Stanley Clarke's "School Days" in a concert and you thought it was Stanley playing if you just listen without seeing who is actually playing. He also played Rush's "YYZ" note for note and you could not hear the difference between him and Geddy Lee. Yes that was how good he was, he plays drums, violin, flute, keyboards guitar'

    Listen to his composition at Youtube:

    Tribute site:

    Last recordings.........

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    Nakikiramay po.

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    the great Dondi Ledesma is the only pinoy bassist featured in an article in bass player magazine in US..

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