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Thread: Pop-Punk/Punk Rock Vox... LOOK HERE!

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    dude dont know if u're still open but im a 16 year old student who sings and prefers performing pop-punk music.

    if u could add me on msn:

    i could show u a sample and u could decide from there?

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    hey@ im a vocalist

    could i give it a try? 16 years old and i could show u a sample

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    hey if you're still lookin for someone please gimme a PM! i got experience frontman-ing in a couple of gigs and play the guitar! 21 this yr =)

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    Hi dude

    Quote Originally Posted by crustpunk View Post
    Looking for someone who can sing pop-punk, punk rock. Band's recording single and EP very soon. Band's playing gigs too, got experiences before.

    Males and females are welcomed (ex-vox was female).

    Interested? Want more info/details? Just pm or reply thread.

    PS: Not looking for crust punk vox. I like crust punk but my band plays pop-punk, not playing crust punk.
    hi bro, just curious, does ur band sounds like any that i can refer to? cos i kind looking for a band too.. been playing punk rock since 98 and some crust/hc punk along the wae.. still in a band but been stagnant for awhile.. mind if i noe what d age group of the band and which area u guys staying?


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