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Thread: How to create this effect?

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    How to create this effect?

    There's some screeching effects in the intro (starting around 0:33) of the performance. I've not the slightest idea on how to create those sounds. The official band score just shows a dead note

    Anyone knows how to get such an effect? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    i dont think its a pinch harmonic. seems like they're strumming the strings on the headstock. think tom morello and matt bellamy.

    this can be done on straight headstocks like strats and teles.. without the string trees btw.

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    Around 1.46
    Watch how he strikes the headstock.
    And to shokakulai, i've seen MB done this on a gibson before. But i still cant do it on my LP. haha

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    There seem to be 3 different sounds in the intro. Does that mean that you strike a different number of strings each time? Also, does striking up or down make much of a difference?

    I can't test it out because my guitar's a strat with the string trees >_>

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    I dont know. sorry.
    This band seems pretty good. Can recommend some of their songs??
    I know abit off topic

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    haha yeah. that song was pretty epic. especially near the end.

    you can try removing the string trees if you're willing to. take note it might affect the tuning stability, but i didnt have any problems with mine without it.

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    theres no hard and fast rule to stumming how many strings for that sound. As someone mentioned, the sound of that does sound seem like striking the strings before the guitar nut.

    So basically, you should be striking the strings at the space between the tuner and guitar nut.

    Theres wont be any pitch involved here, just plenty of volume, even with no distortion, that sound can be achieved. Of coz with distortion, there will be another variation of the sound.

    As for whether is it up or downstroke, the usual way is to go downstroke, hitting the thickest string first then the thinnest. The reason is that you wanna get the strongest "pinging resonance" when your geetar pick strike the high E(thinnest string) last and let that sound be amplified out from the amp

    anyway, theres a live video of the same band with the geetarer doing the same thing and much clearer looking. Its a live video of some afternoon festival which they are playing revenge of the surf queen/super nova. That particular sound was done again in the song supernova at around 3.34 sec with the cam focus at the geetarer.
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    issit possible with a digitech whammy?
    imma musicman without a musicman.

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    i dont have my guitar right now so im not sure,but i think you can do that sound by doing some touch harmonics on the 2nd fret.just touch your finger lightly on top of the string right above the 2nd fretwire and strum the string as hard as you can then release immidiately after hitting the string.just find the right string to hit to get the same note but i think youll get the sound somwhere in the 4th 5th and 6th string

    i forgot to mention,do this with distortion or maybe just overdrive in the bridge pickup position.
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