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Thread: Music shops to check out in taiwan

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    Music shops to check out in taiwan

    Hey guys, as the topic of this thread? Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance! :wink:

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    Music instruments? CD shops?

    And which part of Taiwan? Taiwan is so big. Kaoshiung? Taipei?
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    yup instruments. taipei.

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    Hi all,

    i've dug out this old thread becoz i'm going taiwan soon and wanna know if any 1 here knows about where to go for their guitar store over there!

    I've been to taipei b4 and walked many place there myself b4.. but.. becoz my mouth kinda like made from gold, i didnt ask for any direction back den.. quite 2pid..

    So hopefully someone here that have been to any great shop there would wanna lead me some info.. or any taiwanese here, pls let me know where i can shop around there

    Vinnie Mah

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    hi all again..

    back from taiwan, its a wonderful place indeed but the guitar scene there is horrible.. hmz.. there used to be this distributor called pedal world that carries zvex but was already closed when i went there. guitar shops are very hard to find and the product range is really small compared to us..

    Vinnie Mah

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    Grey: the guitar scene is horrible
    yea.. absolutely

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