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Thread: Alvin Tan Signature Drum Kit By Malmborg Drums!!

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    Alvin Tan Signature Drum Kit By Malmborg Drums!!

    Finally!! Its Here!! 100% Handmade Stave Shells and wood hoops. Made Of Australian Black Wood

    Proudly endorsed by
    And Supported by Malmborg Drums

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    damn the wood looks so sexy...
    How much did that cost!

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    Wow. Is that a very short stack tom...or another snare?

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    that's a really beautiful piece of drum kit. would you be posting videos of it online soon? am very curious about the sound

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    Beautiful. My jaws dropped when I saw this drumset. The finishing is excellent! To me it looks so appealing that it will entice me to practice I think.
    Oh ya what is the joint call? Finger joint? It's definitely one hardy set.

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    WOW. Gorgeous. Those hoops are crazy nice, the figuring on the wood - Lovely. Dig the badge, as well.

    How do you mount that tom? Everything is attached to the floor? Wouldn't it be very taxing on the respective mounts? Especially with them wood hoops.

    I'm VERY interested to know how these sound, as well as the pricing on them.

    I know Malmbas is on the forum, and hopefully he chimes in on the construction process and more! Or is it on GN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by USADRUMMER View Post
    LOL!!! ALWAYS the first question:"How much did it cost?"

    Forget about asking how good it sounds, or playability. Forget about commenting on the skillful craftmanship that went into making stave constructed shellsólet alone those finger-jointed wood hoops. Forget about the beauty of that exquisite natural wood, or it's sound properties.

    o come on... i couldnt help it... so...


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    Sweeeeeet kit Alvin! The wood finish and lugs look damn sexy lahhh!! *drools*
    I very very curious how it sounds and how is the hardware mounted etc.

    And yes, how much does it cost? lol

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    Great Kit! By looking at the construction, the sound should be of great depth and warmth.

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