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Thread: Tattoo removal?

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    Tattoo removal?

    Has anyone had their tattoo removed in any sort of method? and.. successfully seen satisfying results?

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    laser, very expensive and painful though.

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    laser for me..per session 150-200 lah..pain? aiyah if u can handle the pain ofdoing tattoo surely you can handle this lah..haha..and ur skin will smell like satay during the removal hehe..

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    cheap and pain free! THE ERASER! ahaha jk.

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    To TS: Laser removal is by far the best method.. People have tried acid..but that was back in the days. The questions you need to ask yourself is how many sessions would you require along with where would you like it done.

    Anyway, do you really want to remove your tattoo? Or do you want to know this in case you would have to remove the tattoo you're gonna put?

    My advice to other softies is...if you're still living off your parents and they dont want you putting tattoos..DONT! Its not worth hiding the tattoos or risking you and your parent's relationship..and their disappointment. I'm not saying this because i abhor tattoos or see it as a form of gangsterism, but instead, i'm speaking from personal experience.

    I myself have a few tattoos, if your parents are open-minded people or are not a factor in your decision making process, go ahead! Just make sure you don't spam the ink- you'll live to regret! Carefully think before inking.

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    paradox: I think using an eraser to the extent of rubbing your tattoo off will hurt more than the laser.

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    This is when I go "I told you so."
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and sometimes, they stink.

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    How big is the tat2?
    Is it within the cover of clothing?

    Maybe the bigger question i should ask is why do you want to remove it and why you got it in the first place?

    If you choose to have them removed, Please do it the correct way. Laser is the only way to go. DO NOT try age old remedies like Acid, Glass Powder, Burning and such. these will only make your tat2 into a permanant and ugly keloid. Might as well keep a piece of art than have a self inflicted scar.

    Laser don't come cheap but its the most effective. It's also 2-3 more painful than having your skin inked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rock-fied View Post
    Carefully think before inking.
    I've seen a few guys who come in& asked for their gf names to be inked. That's not a good idea, if there is one woman who's name you wanna ink then it should one's mother.

    As for removal, getting them off hurts more than inking them in.

    To the threadstarter...
    the size of your piece/s matters, sometimes it's not advisable to remove 'em.

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