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    Inlay help

    hey! anyone knows where in Singapore can buy inlay stickers by cash?

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    saw the inlay stickers at daisy rock at paradiz centre b1, cost $10 to $20, mostly at $12.90, huge range of designs from tree of life, prs birds, man-transforming-to-were-wolf, trapeziums, stars, etc...

    paradiz centre is between the cathay and city music, the building with Singapore pools, 7-11, and a food court + coldstorage at the basement.

    i'm not sure if anywhere else sell them...

    btw i have never bought or applied any of them, liked my guitar the way it is...

    can post pictures and reviews if you get them?
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    adding on to previous poster
    the place is called Music Ensemble
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    yeap a very nice japanese lady(owner) there.
    i think shes japanese.heehee

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    wait.. the place is called daisy rock or music ensemble? may go there soon. hhehe

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    i thought its called daisy rock too or did they change name recently??

    irrelevant but i just saw some girl carrying her bright pink daisy rock gig bag with her and it reminded me of this haha
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    The shop is Music Ensemble. They bring in Daisy Rock guitars la..

    Don't be confused

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