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Thread: Band Etiquette - Guitarists

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    Wear shirt!

    I hate topless, let alone nude guitarist. Exception if you are Avril Lavigne :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye
    Wear shirt!

    I hate topless, let alone nude guitarist. Exception if you are Avril Lavigne :lol:
    What a great start to the morning! :lol:

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    In SOT, it's considered good manners for both lead & bass guitarists not to FART while on stage - especially the silent killer types

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    nice tips souljah, i'll remember them for future reference.

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    Get ur gear serviceable... especially string players !!
    Please learn to tune and do it fast ...and poorly set guitar will drive nuts!!
    Get ur pedal set up (if any) serviceable ....
    Learn to use your pedal ...especially modulation / pitch shifters. Its annoying and a major put-off ....shows your ignorance!!
    Learn, practice your part and do it well...don't be half baked and expect some happy accidents :roll: .....remember its a great oppertuanity to play in band ....millions of kids don't !!!

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    If its a fun Jam, everything goes-Its a time to be creative but have some restraint for the other band members to be able to like-wise "let it out"

    If its a Jam for a gig preparation, Hold back on your improvisation solos, just work on the band being tight.

    If during a gig, especially a paid gig, leave the volume and EQing of the band mix to the trusted soundman-he can hear much better from where he is, and listen to his advice when he tells who to turn down, up, or whatever.Don't argue just do it.

    Just make sure your amp volume is comfortable for yourself(as in you are able to hear yourself), and leave the rest to the monitor speakers on the floor for the drummer and bass and singer as their reference markers to hear the cues involved in the song.

    Sometimes I even turn my amp away from the audience, so that I won't mess with the speakers volume mix...(my amps are always mic-ed by the way)

    For me, the most important aspect of the band is the singer.Support him, not compete.Make sure he/she is comfortable.Some bands can have killer guitarists and instrumentalists but if the singer is struggling with diction and unable to convey the emotion or message of the song, its really pointless.

    During fun jams at pubs, where there are impromtu jammers, its hard to be aware of how loud you really are.(its all heineken's fault lah )

    Fun jams in pubs should be relaxed, and you should make sure that every jammer in the band is being showcased, not only your guitar skills and shred or whatever, even the 55 year old off-time bassist should be having his fun and deserves to be heard.Hold back and smile and have fun.

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    bring your own basic accesories.

    1. Picks... yes PICKS! if you play guitar, you don't own only ONE pick to display as your family heirloom at home.
    2. Spare strings
    3. String winder
    4. String cutter
    5. Tuner
    6. Extra cables
    7. Nail clipper

    Never fails to make me boil each time my ex bandmates ask for the above.

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    for me its a personal turn off, when the band not only starts talking about how they wrote and the song and how it means to them but also starts cracking stupid jokes that no one laughs at and only the guy who is trying to communicate is laughing.

    on the other hand.

    always have a back up plan if something should go wrong during the set.
    example, during the set your guitarist's strings burst and he doesnt have a extra guitar so he has to borrow or worst still get in a new string,
    the vocalist probably has to keep the audience 'into' the band and not allow them to turn off.

    also for the vocalist, if you cant scream please dont.= instant shut down

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    We need to sticky this.

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    Snuff nice points man!

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