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Thread: Hong kong guitar forum?

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    Hong kong guitar forum?

    I going to HK next week.
    hoping can find something great from there..

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    Guitar Forum in HK

    I will be moving back to HK in a few months time. I am interested to setup one which is similar to SOFT in here so keep in touch. SOFT is magnificant, simply excellence in getting infos. It will improve a lot more if more softies can contribute in the REVIEW columns.

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    If you are particularly looking for guitar forums which are based on Hong Kong, just Google "Hong Kong Guitar Forums" and you will find end numbers of forums which can assist you in getting information on guitars at HK.

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    hi, i've registered on the above website at
    however i can't seem to read any posts, even logged in, i just get this message

    香港band友討論區 提示信息


    訪問條件: 發帖數 > 0
    您的信息: 發帖數 = 0


    can anybody help? thanks!!

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