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Thread: My Time Is Running Out!

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    My Time Is Running Out!

    Hey,guys.I'm wondering if there are any guitarists out there who have trained their ears and are able to tab from listening.
    I really,really need tabs for Muse's Time Is Running Out.This is one of the song that inspired me to pick up guitar,and it's one of the first songs I'm trying to learn right now(proud owner of a Rally LP for 2wks now).
    The guy in this video seems to really capture the correct chords for the song,but I can't figure out what tabs he's really playing after looking through the video for what-I-should-think to be 5 times!And being inexperiencd and all,I can't tell from just listening to the notes he plays.
    Really would appreciate if someone could take some time to tab out this video because it's really true-to-the-song and every other tab out there seems to be wrong in the chorus,or some other part...

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    The title of the thread makes it sound as if you're gonna die... Anyways, check out and search for Time is running out and click on the one with the best ratings.

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    How About you make a Youtube account and send a private msg to him asking for the tabs/tabs link.

    you can see him looking at his computer, that means he is reading from tabs.

    but he could also be reading chords.

    No one else is more accurate than the person who does the cover himself.

    juz remember to write formally and check yr grammar/spelling.

    P.S. No Singlish. haha!

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    Haha!Not to worry guys.The lightbulb in my head just lit up all of a sudden yesterday night when the words "Muse Tab Book" struck me.
    I went up to Google it and viola!Here's an official tab book by MUSE(I think) for all who're interested:

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    Thanks for sharing the limk.

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    Oppss.....sorry for digging up a 2month old thread
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