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Thread: Tascam 122l and windows 7

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    Tascam 122l and windows 7

    I have checked the maufacturer's web, it is compatible with Vista 32 and 64 bit. But it didn't say anything about whether it's compatible with Windows 7. So is it alright to assume that it will work on Windows 7? Just because windows 7 is much more stable than vista? And that it is compatible vista 64, since wndows 7 is 64 bit as well?
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    gotta play safe imho

    not sure if the tascam has got driver written for win 7 or usb class compliant interface. If theres a need to install the driver inorder to work, then tascam will have to provide the win 7 driver, if not the interface might not be recognised within the comp

    if usb class compliant, most likely its just plug an play, with the name of the interface shown in the audio preference page of your daw.

    Usually for product drivers, if the manufacturer never state the compatibility or having drivers for their product with particular os, its better to check with them to confirm.

    anyway, to play safe, maybe can drop them a mail or check out tascam forum(if any) to see if theres driver for it or usb class compliant one.
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    Thanks Pathein! Have search the net quite extensively, but no info for its compatibility with windows 7. Guess I have to wait out a few months. I be emailing tascam and see what they reply
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