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Thread: How To Get To CITY MUSIC!!!! Urgent!!!

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    How To Get To CITY MUSIC!!!! Urgent!!!

    Hey Soft-ies.

    I saw the City Music Sale, and i want to get a pedal there.

    but i have not been there before.

    i do not know how to get there.

    Could someone tell me how do i get myself to City Music?

    I live in Pasir Ris.

    can someone tell me,

    -wad Mrt Station do i need to drop off
    -wad bus do i need to take.
    -where do i drop off the bus
    -wad do i need to take note of so that i know im going in the right direction.
    -what would be the estimated travel time for me to reach there from Pasir Ris Mrt Station.

    can someone help me fast as the sales tmr, and i would want to be there early.


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    go to
    they'll give u all the info u want.
    i live in pasir ris too.normally ill take train to dhoby ghaut then walk but im not too good at explaining the directions.i only know that must walk towards cathay

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    City Music is at Peace Centre level 2. Nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut.


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    go to dhoby ghaut MRT, exit from the NEL side to MCDONALD house, you can continue walking down and turn left at the junction where you see rendezvous hotel. Continue walking down the road, and you will see PEACE CENTER. How do you know you are there? Theres a neat little kebab shop at the entrance, and some printing shops inside. Take the escalator to the second floor and you are there.

    Alternatively, take bus 64, 139 or one of the others from MACDONALD HOUSE for two stops and you'll stop right outside peace center

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    Bus number 65, 857 and 147 go there too.

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    Waiiit a minute. This sale is one month duration? One WHOLE month!?!?


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    Thanks Guys!

    nw i knw how to get there.

    drop off at the mrt station, and take 64.
    3 stops, then go down.

    thank you very much!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by templar03 View Post
    Waiiit a minute. This sale is one month duration? One WHOLE month!?!?

    Well, nope.

    start tmr (28/11/09) ends at the last day of the year.

    but i kiasu. i want go there early so cn get by pedal before out of stock.


    my parents say, "Kiasu people,akways get wad they wants"


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    actually can walk from dhoby ghaut.
    or if your a gamer, its near parklane.

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    Yeah its one month la.. Gonna get some coiley cables. Sweet.

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