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Thread: Gretsch Catalina Club Set

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    Gretsch Catalina Club Set

    Catalina Club Jazz

    The Gretsch Catalina Jazz set is designed for the player who is looking for a versatile 4-piece set with quality features. Featuring Mahogany shells and 30-degree bearing edges, this set projects a warm, round, classic tone. The traditional Be Bop sizes with 18" bass drum makes it a fine gigging jazz kit but the Club Jazz can also play comfortably in other music styles, especially if you need to lay into a kit in a smaller live venue. Plus its distinctive retro looks are sure to capture attention. Whether you're looking for a classic jazz kit or small kit for gigs/rehersals, the Catalina Club Jazz kit projects a retro sound, vibe and spirit that will keep you deeply grooving.

    The kit comes in silver sparkle or white pearl.

    Bass Drum
    Bass drums include maple bass hoops and pre-muffled heads for a great sound right out of the box.

    Shells And Lugs
    The Catalina Club Jazz all-Mahogany shells have 30-degree bearing edges that project a classic warm and round tonality.

    All Catalina Jazz shell packs include a wood shell snare drum with side throw-off in the matching finish.

    A fully adjustable tom holders with 12.7mm arms and GTS suspension systems are standard on all mounted toms.

    Retail: Ranking and Music Theme

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    haha,nicely done,first to ever post a review eh?
    i think we should encourage people to write reviews of certain drumsets or cymbals in this section of the forum.i try to write something about trojans soon,with samples too.

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    Where'd you get the Trojs?

    Haha anyway Joshie you didn't review the kit - you just provided information that can be found on the site! Honestly though the finish (imo) doesn't look as good close up.

    Never played it so can't really comment on the sound... :roll:

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    haha im smart.hahahha goodgood you actually look at sites, commendable. well its fine for studio or small areas la.

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    excel(ranking sports and music theme) carries them

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    No price? Free ah? I want!
    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."

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    Very Nice Jazz Kit...I have one. :lol:

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    Whats the price, can the tom sizes be customised and is the hardware solid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deonportnoy
    Whats the price, can the tom sizes be customised and is the hardware solid?
    I think it's about S$1200 now. Hardware is Gilbratar I think....Hmm.mmm Customising Tom size - I think NO....but it's a good drum for that kind of price...but no good for Loud Music like ROCK

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    Hmm.. i think it should be an ideal set for home. looks great too. suspension on toms should make it sound great as well. $1200 sounds a bit ex though.. for a drum kit of those dimensions.

    does anyone own the catalina club rock?

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