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Thread: Gretsch Catalina Club Set

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    My friends I had made a comparison between The Gretsch Catalina & Yamaha HG. The findings was truly that the Catalina is a better Kit in terms of sound, in termas of beauty...and most of all - it's more appropriate for Jazz.

    The Yamaha HG...Hardware is not the same as that of the Stage Custom(if you take a closer look)'s smaller - especially the Cymbal Stands...

    Overall The Catalina(S$1200..before S$850) should be compared with the Yamaha HG (price at S$1400) be more appropriate.

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    are you comparing with catalina or catalina club
    catalina is all maple and should be better that catalina club right

    the last time I ask was 1400-1500, I suppose if you buy catalina club, might as well buy cataline all maple right?

    Am I missing or misundertood something here ?

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    I'm making a direct comprison between the 4pc Gretsch Catalina Jazz Kit(Mahagony Kit) with Yamaha Manu K. (nothing on the Maple Catalina)

    For Jazz Music I would prefer the 4pcs Catalina Club Jazz Kit cause it's Mahagony (Warmer) and a smaller kit
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    Just to clarify on RD's comment that the catalina club gives a warmer sound:

    The mahogony wood that is used in the catalina club jazz is the same as those used in the lower end kits of other brands. Since the wood used are the same, so what's the difference?

    It's the 30 degree bearing edge of gretsch drums making. The rest are 45 degree which promotes more higher overtones....

    So it's not the wood but the bearing edge.....
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    Thank you for the commence - that's true.

    I was actually deciding to get a Jazz Kit previously and the only 2 Kit that comes to my mind was the Yamaha M K & Gretsch Catalina Jazz Kit.....and during that time many of my friends who owns a Yamaha M K wanted to sell away their Kit to get a Gretsch.....main reson was that the Hardware of the Yamaha M K is not the same as the Yamaha Stage Custom esoecially the Cymbal Stands (it's smaller not so stable).....but the main reason - Gretsch offer 18" Bass Drum n Yamaha M K 16" Bass Drum - This I suppose will be the greatest Selling Point of Gretsch couple with Value for Money Pricing - New at S$900.00 (including the seat) as compare to Yamaha around SD$1400 -

    So I guess that's the reson why now Gretsch had jack up the prices to 1200 I pressume.

    Cheers !
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    Ah I was thinking of getting one of these! I'm glad I'm not flawed in my judgment. I haven't really been checking online for others, just went to ranking and browsed around and decided this was nice, and affordably priced.

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