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Thread: Hackerspace.SG - You are Invited

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    Hackerspace.SG - You are Invited

    Thanks to the initiatives of a few individuals, Hackerspace.SG is now live and rolling at Bussorah Street, with Yahoo sponsoring a housewarming party this coming Saturday. Do not miss this chance to check it out, see what it's all about, meet strange people, and have some fun!

    Location: 70A Bussorah Street (nearest MRT: Bugis)
    Date: Saturday 20091121
    Time: 1800-2300
    Dress: black tie. Or a t-shirt with some obscure technical joke. Or anything, really. Hackers wear whatever they want. Dress codes are for mundanes.
    Dinner: at a restaurant to be confirmed, but probably Nabins at Sultan Gate

    Calling all tinkerers, masters, and jacks of their trades! A real place where the arts and sciences converge, where like-minded enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals gather, where ideas, chips and beer are thrown about (don't get hit by the bottles!), and experiments are toyed with - is now a reality in the sunny island of Singapore.

    If you're a musician, luthier, audio/sound engineer, (fine) artist, the local tech guy/girl, cosplayer, fashion designer, boat designer, RC car racer, RC air pilot, robot maker, boat maker, toad biologist, armchair astrophysicist, writer, photographer, philosopher *<deep breath>* you can finally come out of the closet/office/cubicle and eat, drink, discuss, implement and/or deploy what tickles you with others who harbour the same fetish - and you can call it home.

    So let's see the latest guitar mods, pedal mods, mic mods, score's time to show off and tell

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    A hackerspace or hackspace (from Hacker and Space, sometimes referred to as a makerspace in reference to Make Magazine.) is a real (as opposed to virtual) place where people with common interests, usually in science, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and collaborate. A hackerspace can be viewed as an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, workshop and/or studio where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to share resources and knowledge to build/make things.
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    would love to dropby but recording this weekend

    life/microwave hacker here.

    just curious what is the "space" for? is it like a cafe or something? or some kinda motel?
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    sounds fun!

    This kinda tee would really be appropriate for the occassion

    __ __ ---- __ ____ ----__ ......:::_ ----**___ ------______ ____---==+>> * __--- ....;:;:;:.,,... --_____ '"""""----___.><'"":::;;_ __ _ __ __----===-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __---------:::::-------[

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    lol @ shirt

    Oh, yeah it's like a cafe..or rather a club. I have yet to check out the venue myself :O

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