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Thread: Drum Shops in Singapore

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    not so sure leh , email them ah

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    hey he can go your place give you the pedal then collect cash.. yup.. just email him

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    thanks for the info kanzer and daniel!

    i will email them thanks!

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    thanks for the offer, really apprecated. manage to try it at my fren's house today, really is pretty good

    in serious considering now haha

    btw anyone knows where can i download a metronome onto my mobile phone? I only manage to find a trail version which stops itsself after 4 bars -.- thanks

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    Some more..

    Authorized Sonor Distributor

    Block 7, Eunos Crescent #02-2659
    Singapore 400007
    phone: 67428772 fax: 67428774

    Authorized LP Dealers

    Talent Music Pte Ltd
    Block 7, 02-2659
    Eunos Crescent
    Singapore 400007
    Phone - 65-742-8772
    Fax - 65-742-8774
    E-mail -

    Music Plaza Pte, Ltd
    No 11. UBI Road 1
    #06-02 Meiban Industrial Bldg
    Phone - 011-65-747-4374
    Fax - 011-65-747-2668
    E-mail -
    Web -

    The Band World
    #02-183 ,IMM Building
    2,Jurong East Street 21
    Singapore 609601
    Phone - 65-65612163,
    Fax - 65-65618913
    Email -
    Web -

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    no aquarian dealers here ah??

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    Dunno leh, I emailed Aquarian 2 weeks ago about this, no reply.

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    o.0 bummer mate..tell me when u get em reply yeah.. and i did pm'ed u about a floor tom or a cymbal.. can't remember!

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    come to JS Music in KL la!!!! The Aqurian Super Kick 2 is kickin as*!!!

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    Drums Resources at Excelsior may deal in Aquarian. Nigel's namecard mentions DRMP as an Aquarian dealer. He might be in the process of bringing in Aquarian - you might want to ask him, though.

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