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Thread: Drum Shops in Singapore

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    Excel Sports & Music
    Excel Professional Sound & Light
    47, Tannery Lane
    Elite Industrial Building II
    Singapore 347794

    Phone: +65 68411055, +65 68415907
    Fax: +65 68416606


    From Paiste site

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    excel? i tot paiste is ranking bring in one? man i'm confused.. haha..

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    Ranking and Theme get all their stuffs from Excel dah...
    But nowadays, Excel Sports and Music won't entertain walk in customers. They will ask you to go Ranking and Theme to check out the products

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    oh so excel.. ranking and accent are family? wow.. they should combine together make a ultra big shop! woo!

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    It should be Excel Sports & Music, Excel Professional Sound & Light and Ranking Sports are family... :wink:

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    Excel professional sound & lights is another new company from Excel Sports & Music which deals with pro audio visual stuff.

    So basically, Excel, Ranking & Theme are one. Ranking & Theme do sales locally while Excel does whoesale stuffs and distribute to other local and int'l dealers.. Locally, there's alot of popular shops carrying Excel products.

    And for Drums & Percussion, Excel carries DW, PDP, Gretsch, Carlos, Paiste, Meinl Evans, Lazer and Trojan products.

    Must remind you all that whatever stuff you getting, no matter from which shops/stores, do a double check to avoid disappointment once you unpacked it at home etc..

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    thanks ! i added it to the list

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    I have always suspected that Ranking and Theme are related due to the same products they are carrying. Thanks for the enlightenment... :idea:

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    haha yeah man.. i guessed it.. i was so suspicious of music theme.. exactly the same stuff!

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    hi guys

    anyone ahve any idea how can i purchase the P-38950DC-Velocity Bass Drum Pedals from EZi music if i dun have any form of online payment?

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