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Thread: Drum Shops in Singapore

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    hey guys, new cymbal distributor in town.

    woodworkz sound engineering, located at #B1-22 Excelsior shopping centre, is distributing a wuhan-manufacturing-based brand called scimitar, and is soon to bring in some new ones called amedia i think, which should be comparable to bosphorous and turkish.

    dont know about the others, but scimitar is surprisingly awesome. i got a 10" splash from there for $55. think trojan, but about twice as good. it's about 1.5 times trojan price, which is still crazy low, so i think it's a good idea to check it out. the dude ramnath told me that the factory he gets from does bases for brands like zildjian. i'm quite happy with my splash, and i like the crashes i tried. the rides aren't super great though, but if you are on a low budget, definitely check it out! hats/crash/ride will hurt you about 450 dollars.

    they also have trapps drums and regaltip. i'm doing this guy a favour and publicizing because i hope that with the support, he'll bring in more varieties :P

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    Looking for junior drum kit

    Am looking for junior drum kit for 8 year old.

    Any second hand drum kits available and where can I find them?

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    My personal opinions only:
    Those Scimitar ones are pretty good and are real value for money - their Chinas are comparable in sound to the "Wuhans" and they are also manufactured/hammered in Wuhan.

    But the Amedia - lack the sound quality I love from cymbals hammered in Turkey. In this sense, they lag behind the Bosphorus and the Turkish. Its all subjective, I know but the Amedia are not cheap in comparison either.

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    Turkish Moderate Series Cymbals

    Hi All,

    I have received quite a significant number of PMs and emails about when the Turkish Moderate series cymbals are coming in. I think I'll address it all here since most of the enquiries are softies.

    First of all, I must apologize for the slow response. I really never expected the quality to be so good and thus, only ordered a limited number of boxes together with the last shipment of cymbals. I would love to be able to take special orders but the reason why I turned some of you down was because there is a minimum amount to order before Turkish would ship. For box sets, it's at least 15 boxes.

    So unless I can collate confirmed orders for that number, I won't be able to place an order until maybe the last quarter of this year when we have our next bulk shipment. Terrible sorry again for those who have come down to try them out but couldn't bring them home!! Will promise to give you guys a good deal when they are in stock again!!

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    Pearl Vision

    Any idea what's the price range of Pearl Vision Sets and where their sold?


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    ludwig & gretsch snares

    does anyone knows who sells ludwig or gretsch snares,ranking doesnt have stock of gretsch snare at the moment,do u know where i can find this two brands in singapore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayz View Post
    does anyone knows who sells ludwig or gretsch snares,ranking doesnt have stock of gretsch snare at the moment,do u know where i can find this two brands in singapore?

    You can approach Drum Resources. Nigel can order them for you.
    Swing it, man!

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    does anyone know how the gretsch new classic snares sound like?they are 10 ply maple wood,do they have a nice sound.reasonate a lot?how do they compare to pearl and t ama snares?

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    what is the price range for cheapest drum throne??

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    i think you can get one for $25 from ranking sports

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