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Thread: Sell Guitar To 2nd Hand Shop. Shoul I? Or Shouldn't I?

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    Sell Guitar To 2nd Hand Shop. Shoul I? Or Shouldn't I?

    Hey Soft-ies

    I have a TGM Stratocaster that i do not want it anymore.

    I'm Saving Up for my "Ideal" Guitar:

    (plz leave me suggestions on the link. Thanks!)

    i heard from people that i shouldn't sell my guitar to 2nd hand guitar shop as i would get little money back.

    Is this true?

    I tried to post on Soft for this guitar, but no one wants to buy it.

    so i was thinking of selling it to 2nd hand guitar shop.

    but i wanted to ask for your suggestions.

    Should I?, or Shouldn't I?

    Plz leave a Reply to this thread or Pm me.


    For those who are interested in this guitar and wants to buy it,
    here is the link:

    Thanks For Reading!

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    lol, like you I'm saving up for my ideal gear, so I got a whole load of stuff for sale for those who are interested pls check my link...

    >get little money back.

    >Should I?, or Shouldn't I?
    you should if you're this >between here and here< close to throwing it away. then sell to cash converters even.
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    sell to 2nd hand guitar shops/cash converters = very LOW cash back, been there, done that...

    should you or not? = unless u r really desperate to get rid of it, else, keep it and continue to save up for your ideal guitar.
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    if you are selling to shops, you will get lesser as you are paying part of their rent etc. But if the shop owners know nothing about guitars and it is a musical instrument shop (not cash converter), then you might get more money as compared to shop owners who know their stuff.

    Since your guitar is a TGM, it may not have high resale value. So you can just keep it...

    If you want to sell in a forum like this, i doubt many people will want to buy this kind of guitars... And one flaw is that there is a possibility of you getting cheated... maybe 1%? 2%? Not very high... but it is possible...

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    you have to understand the fact that your guitar is not exactly very expensive to begin with. you might have paid maybe $100+ but you might not sell it at the price you desire cos the guitar's value might depreciate lower than half of the initial price due to the demand.

    lets say for example your guitar has an uneven neck. do you realise that fixing it might cost you more than what you paid for the guitar?

    guitar shops are also looking for a profit when they buy guitars. imagine if they bought it for $10, they have to sell it at least $50. to you that might seem like a whole lot of profit but to them, they are making a loss cos that wont be enough to cover up costs like rent and electricity.

    if a guitar shop wants to take it in, consider yourself lucky cos they would definitely quote you a better price for you guitars as compared to CC.

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    2nd hand shops will lowball you big time. And TGM has very little resale value.

    Might as well keep it. If you do buy a new guitar, keep the TGM as a spare.
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    if I were you I'd keep a spare guitar in case you had to send your brand new guitar in future for servicing/intonation setup. etc.
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    Thanks Guys! for your replies.

    well, someone on Soft is interested in the guitar, so i would decide selling it to him.

    but your replies help me alot!

    next time, if i do not want my guitar, and want to sell it, i would post it on Soft or keep it for a spare.

    once again,


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    keep it for experimentations la. change this and that. it can become something completely different!

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    hehe im keeping my TGM for modifications. not intending to sell it ever. first guitar = sentimental value.

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