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Thread: The Killers in concert! In Singapore!

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    The Killers in concert! In Singapore!

    HELLO, fellow Poparazziacs!

    It’s a sunny morning here in Dubai, and I was doing usual morning routine – ablutions, email, breakfast (not always in that order) - when I saw this email that said The Killers will be in town! That’s in Singapore, and not Dubai, of course.

    Yes, Live Nation is bringing in the guys who brought you Mr Brightside, Human, etc, etc, etc…

    When? Jan 24, 2010.

    Where? Singapore Indoor Stadium – like really, you were expecting somewhere else?

    “We have been overwhelmed by the numerous requests by both the media and fans to bring The Killers in ever since they first came out and we are glad to be able to pull this one off for all The Killers fans,” said Luke Hede, Live Nation’s veep of international promotions – Asia.

    Yay, Luke!

    This is the first time that The Killers will be in Singapore, so let’s give them a rousing Singapore welcome! (Gee, don’t I sound like some National Day pep?)

    Tickets from $128 to $168 go on sale Nov 23 at Sistic outlets.


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    HOLY this for real?!! MUSE AND KILLERS!! im gonna get a heart attack!!

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    I'm going to be so broke...

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    hahaah i tink i have to get part time job...cant wait!!

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    HAHA! Muse / The Killers / Green Day / Yeah Yeah Yeahs! OH MY!. 2010!

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    ^all that adds up to about my monthly allowance.
    "Anyone who thinks they're sexy needs their head checked."
    - Jarvis Cocker

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    so they coming or not?

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    wow so freaking expensive!

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    ehhh can you guys please refrain from giving me heart attacks?
    looking at the link from rottenramone i am seriously quite dubious that they are for now i shall tell myself this isn't happening.

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