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Thread: Education! So, I need ideas...

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    Education! So, I need ideas...

    On where the hell I can pursue my education after my National Service.

    I'm in Singapore currently, and am going to serve my national service soon (in about a year, when my current studies finish).

    I mean right now I'm doing a course on Film, and I'm going to be specialising in Sound and well, I honestly haven't a clue where to go after that.

    My ideal is to eventually become a Rock Musician, so I'm practicing Bass guitar now. And I intend to learn about Audio Engineering for CD's and/or Audio Post for Film.

    So yes. My ideal education involves learning about Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production for the Music/Film Industry, or Music Theory and such.

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    SAE has a uni in Australia. I think Curtin has FSV related courses as well.

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    Check out the Bachelor Of Arts (Music Industry) I think it's called at RMIT in Melbourne. Looks like it covers most of what you're looking for in a degree.;ID=BP047
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    Cool, thanks guys

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