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Thread: 3 man band

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    psychedelic 4
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    my advice

    This is challenging for me as well.

    My advice would be to stick with songs with straightforward rhythm and chord changes that correspond with the vocals, meaning the chord changes are largely in line with the vocal changes and "move" together.

    also, you have to know the lyrics and guitar parts really well. if you have to think about those lyrics are or are not confident in playing a certain part/change, chances are you're going to flub it up during an actual performance.

    just my two cents


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    I'm a guitarist and vox in a trio so here's my 'advice'.

    Prac the riff till its stuck in your head
    Choose easier songs to play

    Alternatively you can prac and sing at the same time, sorta like prac vox and guitar together, at least that's what I do sometimes....

    Hope this was helpful, there's no real 'technique' for this I guess cos when you sing and play at the same time both skills are compromised, to a certain extent of course.
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    ZZ Top anyone?
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