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Thread: How to get started working in Recording Studio?

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    Now for me to throw in my two cents worth. I've just finished studying in SP's Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, and am now on my way to Berklee (yay!). I also want to know how to get started in the music production industry, but a lot of points have been mentioned already.

    If I could add a note or two:

    - SP's Dip in music and audio technology course is like a pre-cursor to what is to come in the music industry. You are introduced to different aspects of music and music technology, and you can find out where your strength lies. We have recording studios for you to work in and try out. We also have lecturers who've been in the industry, one coming from Berklee.

    - Studying your way into such a job is a good idea, as common sense tells. The more you learn about the industry, the better prepared you are for the job.

    - Luck is a big big factor. With limited companies in the industry, you either have to fight it out to get in or hope you have a good internship in one of those companies.

    - I need to start reading again. I used to read the school's Sound on Sound magazine till work got the better of me. Knowledge is power - know as much as you can, learn as much as you can.

    - Lastly, do you want to work on this alone to fill your rice-bowl? When you start out, this may not be a good idea as the pay is small. You can start this as a hobby while on another job, then build up your arsenal for gear, samplers, so on and so forth.

    Just some cents. Hope it helps!


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    Quote Originally Posted by setsuna83 View Post
    Hi there, regarding the above could any one experienced here give some advice on how to get started into this industry? im currently taking a part time deg in multimedia not sure if its of any use though....=\ (It's international so imagine the competition)

    You in this for the money or passion?

    If it's money, forget it, you'll only last that looong.

    If it's passion, prepare u'reself to be:

    financially poor,


    slapped in the face occasionally for trying to be creative and,

    rewarded with almost nothing except your little pay cheque...

    Unless you're the boss of course.

    Sedik tapi betol
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    well, i skim through the posts, in summary i agree that studying in SG is a stepping stone to schs overseas, coz i dont suppose u wouldnt want to waste $$ to study things overseas for the stuff u can study in SG. u got to consider the living expenses and air ticket as well when u study overseas.

    i think doing audio stuff is more of hands-on urself. u can learn many stuff in school but if u dont apply it or try to use it, u prob wont understand how to use that knowledge u spent $$ learning. keep learning on urself, while u are still in sch, record ur own band or ur frd's band and then practise mixing(well, that's for mixing of cos) do whatever u can to learn (yup, office boy n work ur way up helps.) and basically, if u have $$ to spend, get equipments! hee of coz it's really difficult but that's why there's not alot of recording studios. (maybe?)

    it's an expensive hobby, as my teachers say! =)

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    Whatever course you take should not be the issue here. Your passion will guide you through. The willingness to learn comes from the passion.

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    The SAE at Bencoolen really sucks but I will say the Facilities at Riverwalk Galleria is worth checking!!!!
    Or study online course from Berklee , MIT or fullsail. berklee online is practical.
    La Salle has a good facilities too……..

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    Re: How to get started working in Recording Studio?

    Hi Everyone,

    I know nobody cares what I posted almost 8 years ago in this thread. Back than I was young and ignorant so pardon my old post. Anyways, working in a recording studio as an engineer is almost every audio engineer's dream. Cool gears in a nice air-condition facility with state of the art sound systems.

    In reality it is not that easy but on the same note it is not impossible. Currently I am in charge of operating a really nice recording facility in Singapore and this is the closes I ever got in working in a good studio facilities with a decent payout. Many people within or outside this industry always say to me “Wah, you are so lucky! Got such a nice facilities to work with!” The fact that they didn’t know that it took me almost 8 years working as an audio engineer to get here. There is nothing to be proud off and I could have been in an even better position if I kept my focus on my job.

    Life is always complicated and we all have to priorities. The only question would you have to ask yourself, what kind of commitment you have to be an audio engineer. This is a job you have to love it and you have to want it (badly). A good school and education might help you but no one can stop you from learning thru watching Youtube and reading articles from ‘Sound on Sound’. As long as you keep to that mentality work smart and hard, you will get there.

    “Nothing is impossible & impossible is nothing”
    In life it is not about how hard you hit..... it is about how hard you get hit

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    Re: How to get started working in Recording Studio?

    Well done Ichiro! Hope you will continue to live the Rockstar life as long as you desire!

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    Re: How to get started working in Recording Studio?

    Interesting update! 8 years down the road from what I last posted in this thread, if Ichiro is the guy who climbed up to where he is in the industry through his path and myself I am the "but no one can stop you from learning thru watching Youtube and reading articles from ‘Sound on Sound’" DIY guy.

    On my side of opinion, it is all about how happy you ultimately are. I have splitted my focus away from Audio into other stuff (videography,photography,property, and other freelance work + businesses and my own comfy day office job/married life) because there is Life outside of your audio or music passion and there are other passions outside of your current passion depends how your brain is wired and we all know very well greatest height of Passion is achieved with perfect balance of Life.

    Either ways it is all about what you aim to achieve, and what defines "Success" to one individual may be a bad joke to another so "minding your own business" and forget about "comparing yourself with another" in this superficial society will definitely get to where you are in one's own right. Ask yourself what are you doing it for? "For Fame? For Fortune? For Fun? if not For FK?"

    Good on you Ichiro, thanks for sharing your happiness

    Work hard, believe, and live well peoples, remember "If everything is deemed impossible to you, you are a big Nothing. and if Nothings barely hurts to stop you, it makes you impossible to kill."
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    Re: How to get started working in Recording Studio?

    Hi, I've just finished my first year of Diploma Audio Production at Lasalle. (I've over 10 years experience about live sound and music as a professional singer.)
    It's summer break and I'm looking for an internship at any studio.

    Send me a PM here and I'll send you my CV.

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