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Thread: add your review request here

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    add your review request here

    can someone post a review on the marshall mg15cdr msII? please :wink:

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    hey that time i saw a review for the ibanez JEM Jr, wad happened to it now?? thx
    Nil Sine Labore
    Guitarist for Hidden Tracks

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    FYI- the review database is revised, if there are missing entries, i'll gladly fill in. just give me some time... 8)

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    If i can have a review on PRS SE series especially da PRS SE Custom and singlecut... And also schecter PT series...

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    SE SInglecut- available 8) check the threads tonight

    i'm re-auditioning the SE Std/ Custom, due: September...

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    how about the cort m200?

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    Ibanez RG170R

    Ibanez GRG170DX

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    That LTD dave mustaine axe as well the kirk hammet one!

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    I feel that Squier Standard/Affinity Strats/teles deserve a review. Beginners might be interested in a guitar that's quite cheap and also sound good. Good enough to keep it as a permanent additino to a guitar arsenal.

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