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Thread: Musical Memories 旋律之约之美丽回忆音乐会 (Xinyao Concert)

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    Musical Memories 旋律之约之美丽回忆音乐会 (Xinyao Concert)

    Anyone like oldies??? This might suit you or your parents, uncles & aunties? :-D

    Musical Memories (Xinyao Concert)
    Friday, 24 July
    8pm - 10.30pm
    VivoCity Amphitheatre, Level 3

    Admission is free. Entry is on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to limited seating capacity, only the first 1,200 people will be allowed into the main amphitheatre.

    If you are a xinyao fan, you would not want to miss this. Revel in performances of evergreen tunes, including local TV theme songs from the 80's such as 'Son of Pulau Tekong', 'The Awakening' and other notable xinyao tunes.

    Hosted by DJ and xinyao singer Cai Lilian (蔡礼莲), performing artistes include Li Fei Hui (黎沸辉), Deng Miao Hua (邓妙华), Chen Bide (陈彼得), Cai Zhen Xiong (蔡搌雄), Hong Shao Xuan (洪劭轩), Cui Xia (萃霞), and Le Sheng (乐声). There will also be special guest appearances by Wang Xiang Qing (黄相钦) and Cai Ping Kai (蔡平开), also known as Er Gu (二 姑).

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    No Liang Wen Fu?!

    Would consider coming though!
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