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Thread: $30 fine for eating sweet

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    $30 fine for eating sweet

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    total fcuken load of crap...not like u gonna chew the goddam sweet n spit on the mrt

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    Gosh, I have no problems with the law cracking down on those who eat things like curry puffs, kueh, but something like sweets is deemed by the law as an offence?

    What will they think of next? And I'm surprised to hear that drinking water is an offence? What if I happen to feel sick and need my panadol?


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    heh, blame it on those people who eat much heavier stuff in train all along over the years, caught on stomp and resulted in what we have now.

    Because of those people, now all of us suffer! We, are paying the price for those people who choose to eat, drink as they like!

    Oh yeah, one more things which lotsa people dont know, the amount fined, doesnt goes to mrt, but land transport authority.
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    ridiculous la.i bet the smrt people also does that during their off days.
    no wonder people are migrating out of singapore.
    no offence i like singapore,just not the laws.
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    Another knee jerk reaction by the government. As usual, to "set an example" for the public.....even though the so-called "offence" (like eating sweets) makes no sense. Rules and regulations supersede simple logic and common sense.

    Yep, when the S'pore government is in a kiasee or knee jerking mood, all sanity is lost!

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    My friend was feeling sick and was fined 30 dollars for drinking plain water on the way home. PLAIN WATER. i dont think they should be so strict until we cant drink plain water.

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    Ridiculously stupid rule.

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    I would have expected that it is in the discretion of the mrt guy NOT to charge her because she is not spoiling the train with her sweet. Maybe it was the camera so he didn't have a choice but in the real life you must be quite a prick to do so. I am anyway wondering in the movie it seems the poor woman has been spotted and singled out by the reporter first?

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