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Thread: how important is music to you?

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    how important is music to you?

    just how important is music to you?

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    music is as important as nothing to me. I rule music, i define music, i live my life, i breath air, i give music its life coz iam alive and without me, music cant be given a chance to present itself to me, to my sense of hearing in the sense of pitch, harmony and noise.

    I give music, its life, being alive!
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    ^ Deepness redefined. As for my answer, pretty important.

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    music is an integral part of my being. i find myself relying on music everyday to relax, through the different stages of my life with their respective set of commitments.
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    I eat, breathe, live music. Music is everywhere. Even the sounds of keyboards that is typing this post is also music to my ears And also helps me to kinda temporarily forget the fact that I'm still single...opppss!

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    music is my life, eat sleep drink music, lets me breeze thru life easier, thru ups and downs ,happy or sad. music has changed the way i perceive life. in a good way of course =)
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    Everything i hear is music to me. Music is very important to me. (:

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    Music is pretty much my biggest passion. Whenever people ask me what's my biggest passion, it's gotta be music. I also find that a lot of everyday sounds like keys jingling could become a part of a piece of music. Experimenting is a beautiful thing.

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    Nothing but music.
    Musik ist krieg

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    music is my life man i need it as much just like air, water and food

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