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    Does anybody know how to tap on Acoustic Guitar, whenever i try, it just sounds bad :P any pointers?

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    I find that when I tap on an acoustic guitar, I get a dull, muted sound that's barely audible... I doubt tapping on acoustic would do much unless you've got a percussive technique like Andy McKee, and I doubt he taps like Joe Satriani or other shredders.

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    Yeah this is common. The note on both sides of the string when you tap tends to come through (i.e. if you were to pick both sides of the string when you have the tapped note held in, this is what you'll probably be hearing that makes it sound 'bad').

    Try tapping harder by doing the following - using your thumb and your 2nd and 3rd (and even 4th) fingers, grip the neck, and tap with your 1st finger. Try to tap as you would try to play a note on the piano loud i.e. pull the finger back at the 1st joint, and hit it down with a lot of force. See if that helps.

    If you go from a fretted note to a tapped note it will be easier to sound the tapped note than it will going from an open string to a tapped note.

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