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Thread: No wah wah at 15 and above?

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    No wah wah at 15 and above?

    Sup guys, I have a burning question that's been bugging me for quite some time already.

    I own a dunlop dimebag crybaby from hell, and that thing slays.
    But the thing is (I realised for most wahs too), whenever i go to higher frets(15th fret and above) with the wah engaged, and rocking, the 'wah wah' effect becomes really subtle and sometimes even disappears at really high frets.

    Okay maybe not disappears, im sure the effect is still there, but but when i play a lick or something with my wah engaged at the higher frets and then playing the same lick without my wah engaged, I can't really tell a difference.

    Is there a specific reason for this occurrence? If so will there be a way to counter this problem and make my wah sound more 'wah wah-ish' at higer frets?

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    I though the tread was about crybabies not being allowed in clubs or something...

    Something to do with note frequencies and how a wah cant manipulate it as it gets higher?

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    Actually the wah sound more obvious at the higer frets if its playued with a clean sound. But when the distortion is kicked in, it becomes much more subtle
    And my wah is meant for high gain distortion so...
    Yeah breen you could be correct, or maybe the frequencies are there but our ears just don't pick it up cos its too high?

    Since when did crybabies get banned in clubs hahah.
    Thats a new one.

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