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Thread: Anybody could recommend me any less-tension acoustic guitar strings?

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    Anybody could recommend me any less-tension acoustic guitar strings?

    Hi people. I currently have stock d'addario guitar strings on my acoustic guitar and sometimes my finger felt the strings are kinda rough and kinda feel the tension when i press on it. (To clarify, the action is low).

    Is there any specific brand you can recommend less-tension guitar strings, prices and where can i buy it?

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    I don't think its possible to not change the gauge yet find at the same time have less tension. You are supposed to feel tension when you play. You'll probably need to get used to it and let your fingers harden up. Its part of the playing process.
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    but i tried 1 of my friends guitar and it seems the tension is much lesser...

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    switch to a lighter gauge. most acoustics come with 12s. swap to 10s or even 9s will lower the tension..

    but i'll nvr do so cos the tone sounds like crap. damn thin. but if u're willing to sacrifice, then lower the gauge.
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    Depends really on what you're playing. If you like it jangly and you wanna bend up minor thirds or even major thirds all the time, then go for the 8s and 9s. But like dudelove said, i feel that you need to use at least 11s to get a decent tone. Personal preference. If the tension really inhibits your playing then maybe play Guitar Hero instead?
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    like me when i started out on my accoustic, can barely pluck the strings and let it ring...

    then i started on classical as i gave up the former, now i can do the same on accoustic liao.

    i tink TS should concentrate on playing more for training up finger strength.

    basically most strings WILL give u SOME TENSION its what they suppose to do. u can change to lighter, but they only change the feel(on fretting fingers + playing fingers) when u made contact wif the strings.

    sumore if u change to lighter, u nid to adjust the truss rod otherwise u have problem when u play(fingerboard)

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    if i change it to 11s and i adjust my truss rod (which i know how to do that), will the guitar be all right?

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    The guitar will be alright for sure

    i think you can change to 11s or 10s for now and slowly increase as u get more comfortable. Or you could stick with 12s and in 2 weeks you'll probably be fine too if u play like every day or something. most people feel that lighter guages cannot really drive the tops of most factory built guitars, especially spruce topped ones as they tend to be overbuilt and also have a stiffer top as compared to custom built ones and guitars with softer tops (cedar/redwood)

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    Or do chromatics and many many chord changes to build up your callouses and finger strength.

    Don't pussy out and hang in there.

    Actually on a second look, what acoustic is yours? Acoustic build do contribute to playability.
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    oh and i forgot, for the same gauge of strings, daddario strings tend to have lower tension

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