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Thread: SOFT TV: Performer Wanted

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    Do refer to the first post in this thread and email me if interested.

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    James, we could do it in my house on a Saturday.

    Let me know if I could be of any help.


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    Perform live band at home?

    U serious, performing at home?

    Hmm.........It's called dangerous job.

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    Support me on YouTube! ;D

    Hey all, i'm really new here, heh. Anyway, maybe to introduce myself you guys can check out my stuff on YouTube. This is my latest cover - - If you like, maybe you could rate, comment and subscribe too, feel free. Spread it around, if you could! Thanks! ;D

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    Hey James!!!

    Haha i finally had the time to get into SOFT after the loooongggeesssttt time we met and did the video for MOE. Haven't gotten the chance to see it yet thoough, been TOO busy!

    Anyway, i've decided to give this whole SOFT thing a shot. Reaaaaallllyyyy new here though, so if there's any tips from anyone at all, feel free to fill me in!

    And of course, let's just keep spreading the love for music! =)


    Best Regards,

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    Hey James, the THE BREW CREW @ POWER98 does this weekly live stuff on-air called Wednesday Brew Should you need more details simply call me on my mobile.

    Vocal arranger/Singer/Producer/Composer/DJ

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    Hi James, are u still doing at Ronnie place . chocolate ?

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    Band Name: Along The Subway
    Leader's Name: Joe
    Contact Number: 91426359
    Genre: Acoustic
    Language: English
    Line-up: Dharshy (Vocals), Phriya (Vocals/Guitars), Joe (Vocals/Guitars)

    I'm On My Way - Along The Subway (Original)

    Hear Me Out - Along The Subway (Original)

    The songs are in Studio Quality.

    If accepted, we just need two amps for the guitar, and 3 mics. OR 5 mics. Thats it



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    i got originals here. both chinese n english. but da prob is i do not know how to play any instrument... i jus know how to compose n sing dts all. issit alright?

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    Rubell83, maybe you can find someone to play the music for you?

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