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Thread: SOFT TV: Performer Wanted

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    supermario, anytime for you!

    peter88keys + jackmann, that's why I always do things within my means.

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    Really? How do i join? Can i know more about it?:-D

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    *itching* very interesting ....
    :: even a skillfull guitar rift distortion needs a clear output and playback :: but unfortunately many people do not know or is conned

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    I can give you lots of originals

    Hi soft (couldn't find your name),

    First, I would say that I compose tons of originals that are similar in quality to everything professional out there: pop, blues, disney, big complex movie themes (my favorite, given the dramatic movements, transitions/transpositions, build-up, wind-down, etc).

    Ok, now that I've hopefully gotten some attention with the first big line, I'll honestly say that I am no musician at all. Please don't go yet!

    What I mean by "quality"

    Let me 1st clarify what is "similar in quality", since I've gone through so many musicians here with wide varying definitions of "quality". My compositions are not covers, simplistic progressions (back-forth-back-forth). They employ all the colors and transitions you would see in professional pop songs, complex movie themes, etc. It's not a matter of "hey, try this chord, slap that in, set it on repeat till kingdom come, and hear/taste it". My compositions are rigorously (not amateurishly) constructed, replete with counterpoints and such. (Unfortunately, "counterpoint" is the only music composition term I know now, wikipedia. :P I have my own theories, but no formal terms for them.)

    Let me further clarify "quality". I transcribe songs and symphonies since 5. Haven't come across a single song I couldn't take apart perfectly (not approximations). Never understood what my friends mean by "couldn't quite catch that chord". I "write" (play, rather) scores to pop songs for friends since I could remember. That is why I say my compositions are "similar in quality" to professional stuff out there. In transcribing every song that comes into my ears (a curse, really), I have "studied" music by ear. Yeah, "studied", because I just don't have the royal flair of a true musician who's gone through formal training. (And I hate that about me, wouldn't mind a knighthood any time of day.)

    What I can offer

    Now, before you get too bored, let me say what I can offer. First off, obviously I can offer precise scores (not covers) to any music you want. I can "teach" my theories of composition that I had gathered over the years. For every song out there, I can analyze it for you, and tell you exactly why what was done for what effects. That might come in useful for budding composers with more useful credentials than I have.

    I can definitely give you originals worthy of every/any movies out there; I compose "visually". I picture a scene in my head, then I hear the music in my head.

    My "credentials" (or lack thereof)

    Currently trying hard to learn grade 3 piano. Well, not that hard, I do have flair, dexterity. But I lack rock solid discipline and technique.

    The composition theories I have are "garage-made". "Semitone walks", "3-semitone strides", etc etc. Yeah, I know, I should say no more... I'll go back to my garage to receive my honorary doctorate in music tinkering.

    By the way, I have no perfect pitch (I think). I don't even have good "relative pitch", I think. A music teacher told me about "definite pitch". Since I don't know what that is, I'm sure I don't have it either.

    What you can do for me?

    I'm looking for composition teachers, actually. As I told Shawn Kok here, I think the market here doesn't encourage composition teachers to come out and teach. And that could be why I never met anyone who could explain what I do, much less teach me what I don't know.

    In the same words I gave to Shawn: "I guess what I need is to formally comprehend and analyze what I already do naturally. It bugs me that I don't. I keep talking to myself like "how did you play that? how do you justify that?"."

    I just bought PrintMusic (a Finale version, from MakeMusic), to notate the music in my head. I'm now finally able to "record" my music precisely! (Rather than reproduce my compositions differently each time, that is.) I think my piano teacher got my notation theories covered. But I can still use advice on conventions (esp "enharmonically correct spelling" perhaps?).

    I'll need help on producing music, since PrintMusic notates well but sounds bad. Cubase might be it. I could go buy some lessons from Shawn Kok if you need me to produce the sounds to my compositions. Need recommendations on tools to use for this.

    Sorry, the above could've been shorter if I had more credentials, like "I'm a composer, period". Hope to find someone to explore composition with. So far, all I've met here are covers, covers, covers. The really great musicians here do great covers.

    And shoot me if you want, but the local compositions I hear at Esplanade are frankly a little flat. I mean, I'm a really encouraging person, really. But sometimes, it's hard to listen to a local songwriter ramble on and on, and on, with some progressions he thought was "eureka". Well, ok, I gotta remember I am still looking for playmates... and I'm still a nobody nor a knight.

    But I'd really like to say one honest comment, don't shoot. Great music isn't just about banging out a loud beat. Though music don't have to have tones, great beats take work to design. Shawn Kok has a great beginner video on beats. (By the way, what's with the competition on TV about using everyday sounds for music? Local musicians don't like the use of tones?)

    Still, there were some local female songwriters, not bad at all. Forgot their names. Never heard them at Esplanade; they produce albums that hit charts, I think.

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    Hey! We can only perform originals? No covers?

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    hi Fake is mynew alias Male Lead Vocalist

    hi Fake is mynew alias Male Lead Vocalist
    For the love of music im playing Rock/Variety & Blues, has a wide variety of hundreths repertoire dating back from the 80ís Rock Music,.. Blues and RocknRoll, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Music, New Wave, and high belting tunes like Skid Row,Steel Heart, Roxette, Heart, Sheryl Crow and more... my Number in manila Philippines sms +639294129962 / /
    I already played in HYATT Hotel, Kota Kinabalu MALAYSIA

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    Muffin naked

    hey we r an electronica band from indonesia.. we play like prodigy and bjork song..kind the from like that and we really looking want to sharing experience about gigs in singapore also about electronica music scene.


    dont wory we bring our own stuff instrument

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    What! Opportunity?? I want some! :D

    Hi SOFT! I am currently with 4 originals that are performance-ready and I would say, pretty good on acoustic sets like what you guys offered. Check this out:

    Of course, those videos above are made with minimal quality and I'm not that good with guitars, so I have a duet with me on live set(if there is). You can check my originals and covers there. HEAR YOU SOON!! Even though I am not chosen at least I let you know that a person like me you

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    What about classical music on solo guitar? I don't think royalties and copyrights existed in the 1700's.


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    Here is a video I recorded last sunday. It's an original song. Let me know if that would fit:

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