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Thread: SOFT TV: Performer Wanted

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    SOFT TV: Performer Wanted

    Hi SOFTies

    SOFT is organising a series of online real-time streaming videos to showcase some of the talents we have on this little island. You could be a solo artiste, instrumentalist, singer, acapella, choir, band or music teacher sharing some instructional stuff. Most importantly, we want to showcase original stuff.

    If you/your band is interested to be a part of this, please drop me an email -> with the subject "SOFT TV". Give a short description about you/your band. Best if there's a link to sample your music online.

    Due to space/facility constraints, we will be looking at minimal instrument setup. You must have enough material to do a 40 mins live show.

    Perform 40 mins of original materials
    Acoustic or minimal set up
    Monitor through headphones
    Entertaining / Educational
    Good presentation / Able to talk into the camera
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    Woot ! SOFT TV for the win

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    Due to space/facility constrain, we will be looking at minimal instrument setup.

    What you mean by minimal? Drum set? 2 Guitar amps? Speakers? Keyboard?

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    We will have a drumset, bass + 2 x guitar amps, keyboards you need to bring.

    Try to imagine that you are performing in your bedroom 12 midnight and your family is sleeping. We will try to keep the volume low without sacrificing your musical capability.

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    Just a little update in the first post.

    You can be a solo performer or a band. The purpose of this live programme is to give more exposure to the music talents we have on this little island.

    Since this is going to be a LIVE video, you will have 40 mins to perform.

    When you guys email me, do tell me about you/your band and the kind of set up you require so that I can try to arrange.


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    is this allow for any genre?
    <div>Obscurity. Obscure Phionix.</div>

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    You can send in your details and I will let you know. Do note that we are doing this from my house initially, I have to be careful not to disturb my neighbors.

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    how about the genre im playing?

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    Next SOFT TV is going live on the 16 August 2009. I am looking for solo/band/teacher to do 40mins programme. If you are interested, please email me.

    Check 1st post of this thread.

    * this is a clip from the 1st show -

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    Soft tv

    Great to know about SOFT TV ! We are a Rock N Roll band performing
    oldies (that are goldies!) The Genre we perform are blues, Rock N Roll, Boogie Woogie etc.

    "Boogie Woogie" is getting forgotten, so we decided to bring it back and we will be pleased to get the crowd yelling for more !

    (You may sing the following to a 12 bar shuffle blues in E)

    Can we pull off a show or two dear Soft??
    we can play on a stage, roof-top or any loft,
    we have in store some riffs and runs,
    the Boogie Woogie is gonna shake those unmovable buns.

    We promise to dig those bluesy notes,
    we got them in 6/8, 4/4 and various sorts,
    We will revive Elvis, Bill Haley and Chuck berry,
    not to mention Little Richard, John Lennon and Lewis Lee Jerry.

    Catch us playing the 12 bar blues,
    meet us in person for real life clues,
    We are 6 in a row and Im Peter,
    hear us soon doing the boogie in four by four meter !

    Boogiefully Yours
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