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Thread: possible to achieve 100% error free while playing?

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    Its all confidence man.

    If you know you can play something just do it and tell yourself you cando it perfectly.

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    yes i agree. lack of confidence will cause you to become nervous.

    resulting in more sweat ( sweaty palmed musicians i feel ur pain. )

    resulting in hands slipping of strings more easily

    resulting in poor playing

    resulting in not being able to display ur full potential.

    Note : those who dont wanna play with metronome just go play with the song. Keep up with the song at the same time noting ur mistakes.
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    i got 100% on Metallica - Fade to Black on GH:Metallica on Hard! haha.
    "We've all been beaten, battered, bruised, told to get down."
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    100 note streak!

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    Hahaha ok, interesting contributions you guys! thx alot.

    Yeah i think i shouldn't feel sucky cuz of mistakes lol. must persevere!!! like what syuk90 said we are all humans, we make mistakes.
    And the only way is to minimise it, like what futures said.

    so to summarize, some ways to minimize mistakes or cover for it is?
    1)Improvise at the point you make mistakes
    2)play the note twice to make it 'sound' on purpose
    3)practice (duh)
    4) be confident!
    5) or laugh it off? hahah jkjk

    hmm anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girlpants View Post
    I'm sure I've made and will ever make more mistakes in guitar than you. haha

    Practice lah! Stop watching cartoons! hahaha
    Haha ur head lah. I noe u at home always lock urself in ur room and watch ben10... lols

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    see your luck lor sometimes sway u press wrong note then like that lor

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    a classical pianist can played their stuff 99.99% free of mistake, and their music curriculum is about how to play the instrument free of mistake.

    also a recording musician need to be 100% correct otherwise the recording process can be a pain.

    but again if you see Yngwie's solos you will not sure if he is 100% correct or contained mistake.

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    It still needs to be explained what a 'mistake' is.

    If playing classical music, yes, playing a wrong note would be a mistake. But it isn't too difficult to play without playing a wrong note. Playing the notes is and should be the easy part of performing a classical piece. Being able to play the correct notes shouldn't even be an issue when performing classical music. If it is, then the player simply isn't at a level to perform that piece.

    If improvising, then it's more difficult to say what a 'mistake' is or not.

    But it should be remembered that in classical terms, even playing something dynamically wrong (i.e. mezzo-piano instead of mezzo-forte) would be a mistake. A mistake isn't necessarily just a wrong note.

    To say that a harmonically incorrect note (i.e. not from the key) during an improvisation is a mistake is more difficult, as the soloist can say it was meant. When improvising, it's more about intention.

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    is it just me or? without a camera in front of me, i can play very well, but once the camera is switched on, everything is different. hahahaha

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