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Thread: Suspected armed North Korean Vessel HEADING FOR SINGAPORE!!

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    Suspected armed North Korean Vessel HEADING FOR SINGAPORE!!

    check this out guys. nothing is confirmed at all. but it's still an interesting short read.

    SINGAPORE : The US military is tracking a North Korean ship that media reports said is heading for Singapore.

    The Kang Nam departed from a port in North Korea on Wednesday and is suspected of carrying weaponry, missile parts or nuclear material.

    Responding to media queries, Singapore’s Foreign Ministry said Singapore takes seriously the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and if the allegation is true, the ministry said Singapore will act appropriately.

    The Kang Nam is the first vessel to be tracked under new UN sanctions passed last week which bans shipments of arms and nuclear and missile technology to and from North Korea. — CNA /ls


    Washington – The North Korean ship the US is monitoring in the Pacific Ocean offers a vexing first test of how far the international community can go to prevent the North from shipping nuclear materials, even as it works under a UN resolution that some say lacks teeth.

    The US began tracking the Kang Nam after it left a North Korean port Wednesday, reportedly headed for Singapore. It is not known what the ship actually contains but American officials suspect it may be carrying banned nuclear-related material or equipment. They have begun monitoring the ship using US naval vessels and planes. The destroyer USS John McCain is also reportedly in the vicinity as part of the interdiction effort, according to Fox News.

    The Kang Nam is the first vessel to be tracked under a new UN resolution aimed at preventing the North from shipping nuclear-related materials. The resolution passed last week after North Korea staged a missile test and a separate, underground test of a nuclear device.

    (extracted from Yahoo! News)


    Singapore government threatens action against North Korean vessel
    North Korea News.Net
    Friday 19th June, 2009

    The Singapore government has warned North Korea that it will take action if one of their ships, supposedly being chased by the US Navy, is carrying nuclear weapons.

    The ship had supposedly been in international waters, where it encountered the US ships.

    It started to head for Singapore while trying to shake off its pursuers.

    The North Korean flagged ship is called Kang Nam 1.

    News reports have said the US Navy will continue to monitor the ship under new UN sanctions that seek to prevent Pyongyang from exporting weapons.
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    We don't need no water let the m*********** burn.

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    if it accidentally goes off, we would not even have the chance to say goodbye.

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    hahaha this gonna be interesting

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    Woohooo Kim Jong Il!

    At least the Singapore Army will have some REAL action if the reports are true.
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    I was at the Esplanade area just now and saw lots of Army personnel, Navy boats, Chinooks and even Apache helicopters! Ohh...wait.....i think they're rehearsing for National Day
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    Lol. If a nuke hits us, it's Judgement Day Singaporeminated :P
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    If it hits Singapore, can it be during July? I want to watch transformers.

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    On a serious note. What if a nutcase says "Hey i'm not gonna live as a farewell gift....i'l shoot all my nuclear weapons!"
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    er no guys... i highly doubt the fact they're going to fire nukes at us.

    to me, the exciting part is the fact that a ship suspected to be carrying dangerous weapons is heading towards our waters, which could mean action from an alliance of U.S, U.N and maybe SINGAPOREAN troops!!!!!
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