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Thread: Rusty/moldy classical pianist wants to convert.

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    Rusty/moldy classical pianist wants to convert.


    I have been playing classical pieces all 8 years of my piano-learning life. In fact I learnt 3 pieces a year just to pass the exams. When I finally attained my grade 8 pass, I gave up on piano totally.

    Now, years later, I would like to play christian pop, music that I enjoy listening to. But I don't know how to start.

    My little first steps I bought a Hillsong score sheet and am trying to learn it. I am tuning my piano after 5 years or more. haha

    Any advise on how I should move ahead? Should I try having lessons? (I do however have a phobia of music teachers)

    I have also completely forgotten the chords learnt since I had never understood their purpose, especially for structured classical piano.

    Looking forward to ideas!

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    Welcome, welcome to the dark side. heheh...

    For a start, you may use the search function to search for threads of playing in church and also the differences between pop and classical playing to know what you're getting yourself into.
    Let me hear the melodies of heaven.

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    Find books that teach you to play fake sheet and have an idea what mess you are heading to.... hehe

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