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Thread: Online/Self Learning Resources for keyboards

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    Online/Self Learning Resources for keyboards

    Starting a thread on online/self learning resources for keyboards. Please add and maybe a brief writeup.
    The site teacher has got an interesting assertion. Learn to hear the music as he teaches and your hands will automatically coordinate with each other like with typing.
    Presently using this, my hands work in harmony with each other when using the QWERTY keyboard but less so with the ebonies and ivories (ok, mine is plastic).
    Beginning to be able to chords in the left and melodies in the right but not arpeggio yet... maybe I need to do piano magic.
    They have a youtube channel and teaches in a way similar to the Learn and Master Piano system. I like to see the keys being pressed. Somehow I learn the notes faster.

    ADD Add add... one day has only 24 hours and one person even with the Net can only know so many and I bet there's much more out there that could be very helpful.

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    thanks man ur links r great will check them out

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    I go to the following websites for free scores:
    (1) (and enter any title of songs or basically any topic on blank space such as 'Hanon' etc and you get tons of free info:

    (2) for free classical scores such as Mozart, Bach, etc.

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    Graduated skill level music scores, unless you prefer to dive into the deep pool Sudnow Method style - Split chords and the pinkie plays the melody, right from the beginning!

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