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Thread: How To Get Slash Sound From Korg AX1500G

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    Re: How To Get Slash Sound From Korg AX1500G

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy87
    Hey guys anyone of u here knows how to EQ the pedal to sound like slash guitar? But of cause with a touch of heavier distortion.?
    Try use the Brit Distortion. EQ wise, all around mid level, with a slightly more bass and treble. Turn to high gain around 8 or 9. Plus some reverb. That's abt the best I can tweak for the multi-effect.

    Rock on,

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    i read somewhere that he developed his sound using some pedal he customed at some old shop...

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    The od on the AX is pretty dif to tweak... its too much gain in there n becomes muddy...

    The sound from slash is all in his setup, n mainly he cranks for marshalls to get the type of tone... Its not just playing a marshall, but cranking it as loud as he does. Cant possibly get it from a MFX, sorry. But u can try getting a similar type of sound, tonewise may not come close.

    Not sure wat pedal he uses, but i guess it just to drive the amp harder

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    buy slash's equipments...thats all i can think of...its usually hard to get the same tone as a certain artist..coz they got all this heads and stacks which combine together to form their own sound...

    i'm still trying hard to get Adam Jones's tone...still cnt...coz he got that dreaded Diesel head thingy which costs 4000++..

    and the least bit u can do to sound like slash is to up the bass on ur amp...and get that bluesy tone..

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    it'll be nice to know wat overdrive/distortion he's using and go about setting up the chain i guess. buying a marshall and whack it isnt such a bad idea but marshall amp and cabinets only sounds nice on the bigger wans...

    the smaller watts amp cant do the trick. on a mfx? kinda hard i can say...
    i got a fellow slash fan friend who tried on a GNX, and it doesn't even come close... kinda sad

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