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Thread: Yamaha guitars are made where?

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    How can their basses be not good if sheehan and myung uses them....i dun play bass but the musicians that use them r good, so its sorta give me the impression that yamaha bass is good. Btw, is nathan east using a yamaha too?

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    Yes haha nathan east's signature model are sellin for 2.2k for 4 string n 2.6k( i tink) for the 5 string hahhaha damn nice

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    Re: Yamaha guitars are made where?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBeanz View Post
    yoz... haha they are made everywhere... Japan, USA, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan...
    I have a Yamaha pacifica 112V and at the very bottom of the back it says that it was made in Indonesia, but by serial number I find Taiwan, is this normal?

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