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Thread: Hey keyboard noob here needs help!

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    Hey keyboard noob here needs help!

    I've been playing guitar for a few years and recently want to study keyboards. Unlike guitars, keyboards don't have alot of tabs for me to learn. So I come here to know how do I learn keyboards by myself? I know I can take lessons but right now, I'm totally broke. Please help!

    Any good website to tabs/lessons is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Best if the lessons are for complete newbies to keyboard/piano. Youtube vids are welcomed too..just that most of them I found are totally useless.

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    when i first learn my own i learn from books. You should find self - taught keyboard books too. Better than those find on the net

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    just learn how to read music first its not too hard
    recently learned fur elise, two-hand

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    Hello Aenimic,

    Here is a good website for music theory,harmony,composition,ear training,arranging,jazz and classical piano,improvisation and so on...
    You will find free lessons + videos, and downloadable methods and videos.

    Good luck

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