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Thread: How to produce good sound with effects?

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    How to produce good sound with effects?

    Harllow. I got a G2.1u here and I need help on how to make good sound with it.
    I really sucks in things like that... so please teach me from basics...

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    'good' sound is subjective.

    ...not to mention your question is very vague - you might want to be a bit more specific in what kind of sound you're after. that way the members here might be able to help you out (and you look less like a fool).

    why not try experimenting and see what suits your style best?

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    you can try mi phat tone

    compressor -> 10, fast

    boogie crunch -> gain 60, tone 4

    eq -> bass 2, mid 7, treble 3

    reverb and delay juz tweak, anw i use this on mi strat copy into a squier sidekick, cant record and post tonite, mi pinky got ingrown, too pain

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    I seriously do not know what kinda sound I'm looking for...
    I'm a noob in such things...
    Maybe can give me some examples or... teach me how to control the levels and gains?
    Well... cause I did play around... but screwed up in the end... came out with noise that gave headache...

    Anyway, what does compressor do actually?
    I don't understand the description...
    "Attenuates high-level signal components and boosts low-level signal components, thereby keepingh the overall signal level within a certain range"

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    can you explain which guitarist's or band;s sound u are trying to mentioned before...a good sound can be anything depending on a players tastes.... :wink:
    apart from that...its really very difficult to say how levels work on your my experience...each multi effector is designed differently and individual level values affect the sound in various ways..the closest to a true analog setup would be the boss gt-8 where levels would have to be exact ....

    but in my old digitech...the levels didnt really matter that much...

    a good start would be to keep all levels at 50% and then adjust each to suit you....dont keep any level too high....

    compression....umm...maybe you could read up on the internet what the terms mean...but in laymans evens out your playing....and removes teh effect of picking dynamics(soft or hard)...particularly used for strumming i guess...some also use compressors to add sustain and evenness to their playing ....

    hope this helped

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    hmm... ok ok...
    I got a few in mind...
    Stray Cats... X-japan... yngwie malmsteen... Gun N' Roses

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    Slash's amp settings(Dirty sound):
    Presence:7, Bass:7, Mid:4.5, Treble:7
    Output Master:6, Lead Master:10, Input Gain:6.5

    Hopes this helps you...

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    hmm... my amp is a small one... ops:
    I can only see Vol, Pre, Post, Low, Mid, High...

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    Bass, mid, treble = Low, mid, high respectively.
    How much did the G2.1u cost you? You can always refer to the manual for a rough guide.

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    It's quite cheap, but can't remember the price.
    I got recommendation from someone here to get it.

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