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Thread: Guitar Gear Shopping in China

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    niceeeee guitar. but you're not passing by there right?

    Boss HM-2

    DOD Supra Distortion



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    ther ewill be a lot of fakes of course

    but somehow there would be a few guitars although bear the sad MIC however can sound great

    well that what i actually predict because i vbelieve there are great luthiers over tehere

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    Hey man i would not think of buying a fake,,,i wouldnt mind buying some Made in China Guitar or pedal with a chinese name.

    I think that would be hilarious...but if it sounds good...then we'll all have to rethink what have we been paying for all this while...

    Imagine a GUOMINTANG brand pedal that sounds better than say a ...Blackstone?


    Shredcow's gona come after me now.

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    HAHA! and maybe like a les paul with mao's face on it. think bob marley! and the inlays have to be sickles and hammers!

    HAHA oops no offense i'm damn lame...

    but that 3neck guitar looks cool!

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    Eh if I ever see a Commie-themed guitar, I'll buy it on the spot. Seriously what can be cooler than Mao's face on your guitar and Communist icons as inlays? Maybe the body can be shaped like the borders of China as well :lol: Custom guitar anyone? :wink:

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    ya that would be totally sooo cool!!!

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    i think if anyone dares to sell a GUOMINTANG pedal in China the shop will kena burned.. :lol:

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    Tom Lee Music

    Do you all have address of Tom Lee Shanghai or Beijing?
    Going China this weekend...

    Or any Reputable Music stores in China?

    Sure would like to check out NOS RG550 as mentioned earlier in this thread. 8O

    BTW Jem007: when did you see RG550 at Tom Lee Shanghai :?:

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