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Thread: 2009 Spring Clearance!

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    Hi imaginaryfren,

    All our stock for the Line 6 TonePort UX2 is sold out. We are currently left with our display set, which we will still be offering a free 1 year warranty at the clearance price. Cheers!

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    Hi bigblackbear,

    The clearance has already began, and this clearance will last untill all listed products have sold out. Cheers!

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    Hi NachociousD,

    Tsk Tsk here is an opportunity for people to get gear at good deals. You can even see it as an extension of the end year sales for some of these items.

    However you see it, if not for this clearance, you can forget about saving cash esp. if you were interested in any of the items.

    But if nothing catches your fancy, then no issues right?

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    went today, but all tonelab was sold out. sob sob!

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    Hi Citymusic Team,

    Is there any sale/pricing on Wharfedale Diamond series active studio monitors?? Pls PM me the pricing..

    J O E L .......

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    Hi Joel68,

    Unfortunately, we are not having any promotional offers for Wharfedale Monitor Speakers.

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    Prices at City Music are already very competitive to begin with. With the clearance and the annual sale, it's even more attractive for us consumers. It's sad to see comments which somehow do injustice to the prices and products offered by our local distributors. The internet is here for us to have a comprehensive glance at price-lines worldwide. I, for one, am pretty happy with what we have here.

    Soft would be a better place without unnecessary and juvenile comments,no? ( just my 2 cents worth)

    Kudos to City Music for keeping things cool for us.

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    if these prices are not attractive, you are welcome to wait until AFTER the clearance to buy their stuff. maybe you will find higher prices more attractive. in the meantime, i believe their stock is clearing because rational consumers like the rest of us know good deals when we see them :mrgreen:

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    Hey, have all of the Toneports been sold?
    Musik ist krieg

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    Hi empihsrow,

    Yes, all our TonePorts have sold out. It's time to move on to the upraded POD Studio. Why not just drop by and test them out? Cheers!

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